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“Behold The Light!”

Nice quiet day today – I think!

I mean, I slept through most of it so wouldn’t really know. 5 O’clock came, so I decided to get up,, which is where I am now, wide awake, with the whole night ahead of me. Doesn’t really matter though. Got some important written work to get done. Yes. More on the books.

Glad to have such a positive response to the new video. Its not been up long and has already had 472 hits + plus loads more questions in emails.
I think most ‘regulars’ on here have seen it now, but for any that haven’t the link to YouTube is:

People keep asking about No 2. Well. Its all in hand believe me. But these things really do take a little time, believe me. And I’ve still got some other filming to finish off (at least one scene in it) for a film company on Monday. “No Rest for the Wicked” was the title of one of my posts a little while ago. Nothing could be closer the truth; except I like to think I’m not wicked!OK. I may be no angel either!, but I have never deliberately set out to do anybody any harm; indeed, I have always attempted to help or defend people when I can. I am a ‘white witch’, after all; not a ‘black one’!

What else? I was in touch with Barbara just last week, and was sorry to learn that Lady A had just died. I never met the Lady in person, but I do recall writing to her a couple of years back offering all my support against people who were then trying to cause a great deal of trouble for her over the alleged grave of the legendary Robin Hood which lies in the grounds of her property. The person concerned (really a most Ungodly individual) was also publicly ‘attacking’ friends and myself just because we didn’t happen to believe a rather ridiculous account of how he had visited the grave to perform a ‘vigil’. I still say that it is all sheer unadulterated nonsense – not least of how he claimed to have held a lighted candelabra aloft when confronted by a ‘wailing demon’ and shouted . . . “Behold the Light”! Well, I guess it takes all sorts. If not to actually spread such nonsense, but to believe it! Fortunately very few people do. Lady A certainly did not, hence the main point of my letter.

Well everyone, life goes on doesn’t it!?
I hope you all enjoy the video, and please tell me what you think. But not you pussy Cat! Though it wouldn’t hurt you to take note of some of the things I say on there.

So, for the moment everyone,


31 responses

  1. Hello David,
    i find your DFTV and your first video very nice and interesting, hope to see n°2 very fast. I think that this year must be very productive for you and the BPOS;-)
    See you soon

  2. Hello Mr D, and welcome.
    Yes, there certainly are a lot of things racing ahead this year, unlike 2007 which was terrible in comparison. I became the victim of a certain woman’s scorn, and I can well understand the word ‘hell’ being associated with that old saying.
    Ironically though, only good has come out of it all, and the negativity has been over-taken and left to fester in its own negativity.
    So, on to the future!
    Please do keep posting when you want Mr. D. And welcome again.
    David (Farrant)

  3. Hi David,
    Yes, the ‘behold the light’ fiasco up at Lady A’s. I believe this was when a certain ‘mate’ of the ‘candelabra bearer’ fell into the bushes during a pursuit by the police, who had been called because of trespassers on the land.
    All very intriguing.

  4. I doubt whether the Robin Hood situation will be any different with the removal of her ladyship from the scene.It depends whether the new owner decides it is a nuisance, as she did, or an assett and can be used commercially while preserving valuable historical sites. For the full story, at lest whats printable, look on my site http;//
    The Candlestick kid has made his gracious contribution, hmm, as though they were bosom buddies, which from other sources, of which there were many, theyw ere not. I reckon Ian Gomech had it summed up!
    The story isnt so simple as it might sound on the surface, there has been no end of dickipoggy and cap-doffing this past 30 years.
    The obituary in teh paper simply said she was German (also the nanny housekeeper but they didnt print that, second wife, 25 years Sir Johns junior and inherited the hall over her stepson the heir, then sold it–and loads about Robin Hood. She did loads of charity work which they did not specify other than she was patron of the Distressed Gentlefolk whatever they are !!! I know she opened Clifton Faffen Fuffen one year–other than that I never heard anything of any thing she did. Maybe she was a Mother Theresa on the quiet–anyway she’s getting cremated so the Candlestick -man wont be able to turn her into a vampire!

  5. Yes, I had forgotten about that, Columbine. One of them fell into a bramble bush in the dark whilst being pursued by the wailing demon! And it was supposed to be a ‘vampire’!
    And to think, ‘they’ really expect some people to believe this!
    Talk about childish nonsense, I don’t know!

  6. Thank you for providing the broad brush strokes (painted with a shaving brush perhaps) description of the situation Barbra….

  7. Yes. I thought that ridiculous saga would be too much for you to ignore, Craig.
    But just remember who’s moderating this Board (even though you designed it with your expertise!)
    THAT MEANS . . . Forget that bloody shaving brush!
    There’s no need for me to moderate anything really. I’d just pass you over to Karen! Now THERES a fate I wouldn’t wish on anybody!
    For now,

  8. David knows I like a laugh as much as anyone and can laugh at myself–unlike some folk who take themmselves very seriously! Still, I cant find anything remotely funny in the stupid shaving brush saga–Gareth left the nasty manky thing on my bathroom shelf and I binned it–whether it was a valuable antique or whatever, I didnt look at it long enough to consider. Gareth was among with a few invited guests from London and Ilkley, stayed overnight at my house when I had my 60th birthday party at a venue in Halifax. It was a bit of a squash but we all managed, though Gareth got the tent! People who have let their imaginations run away with this event, well, I suppose it just shows if they do dickipoggy stuff themselves so think everyone else does.
    Anyway, I think the topic is exausted, unless the Blog wit Craig can wring a few more damp and dismal wisecracks from the nasty soggy old brush! groans! Later on this morning I am off up to watch the parade of the cap-doffers–Lady A’S service. Wont go in of course, but it will be interesting to see who turns up. No doubt the “two lovely boys” will be there–and of course the Vicaress doting Dodi will do the service–will find out what was said afterwards from the local rags–
    Maybe Candlestick boy , or his Yorkshire rep…… will be lurking around
    tata barbara

  9. – “…that was a close shave!”
    Hm. Theoretically, a female can use a shaving brush to create depilation of areas other than the face. I never thought about it that way.

  10. the peoples princess 2
    Hi David
    I will let you know details of todays memorial, cant put it on her cos a certain person is on the prowl and likely to do an earl spencer.

  11. Hello David,
    I’m very interested about the storry of the Robin Hood grave, can you give me more informations about the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society and your involvment inside?
    Mr. D.

  12. One other question. Where can i find the book: SECRETS OF THE GRAVE BY BARBARA GREEN ?
    Thanks for the answer
    Mr. D.

  13. Mr D–I have just seen your query–if you like I can send a copy to David and he can send it to you, or some such arragement–it is on sale in shops up here and there are complicated avenues through the Internet–this is the simplest solution, then you can read the story for yourself. It is simply as it was, plain facts, the Truth–some people consider the truth about themselves defamatory or disrespectful which doesnt say much for their history,
    tata barbara

  14. Yes, please keep me updated, Barbara.
    Being ex-Patron of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society, I am especially interested in events!
    For now,

  15. Its a bit of a long story to relate here, Mr D, but basically there was some internal trouble in that Society last year and I resigned as its Patron a little under a year ago. Barbara is still its President, however.
    The late Lady Aymatage was the ownwe of the estate on which the grave of Robin Hood is supposed to lie. I was in contact with Lady A (and her personal mamager) as far back as 2004. Basically because some nutcase was trying to spread stories that the ghost seen there was really a ‘vampire’! I told them this was nonsense at the time, but I nevertheless also told them that local reports of a phenomenon seen around the grave seemed to be genuine.
    If its OK with you, I’ll give Barbara your email next time we speak? and she can tell you the rest.
    Please just ignore the remarks about the ‘lost shaving brush’ as that’s really irrevalent (hear that Cat and Craig!?) but Barbara can tell you about that too if she wants to.
    Anyway, for the moment,

  16. Hi David–I hereby re-instate you as the YRHS PATRON–IF YOU LIKE! If not, I can ask Gareth or Locksley. You only got struck off cos of the dickipoggy with your ex–or alleged ex,.whatever, but we were all on her merry-go-round of current fads and favourites, I might not be psychic but i could have predicted what would happen and knew it was only a matter of time before I was struck off on some idiotic idea–like the first time, when she wrote that garbelled, nasty and untrue report about my house, then there was the other stuff–wont elaborate and now she is back as the handmaiden of****** anyway,its up to you
    ps locksley rang me a few days ago so I updated him!

  17. For Mr D
    I have sent David a good u tube link but have not put it on here, as this blog is being scrutinized and stuff sent off willy nilly hither and thither and by via the usual route.The “Kirklees Vampire” is fully documented in books by the person who went there , his website and msn messgae boards, so I dont know how he can say it were nowt to do with him. I received a wonderful Earl Spencerish speech from him re the local peoples princess blah blah
    however the go-between told me her friend who had the lady’s ear, did not hold any vampire hunters in esteem at all but thought them a demned nuisance.
    David did you ever get a reply and if so what did she say?
    trusting this humble post is quite respectful etc etc

  18. Hello Barbara,
    thank you for your proposition. You can ask David for my mail adresse and e-mail. If you give me your bank account i can send you the money for this transaction. I am really looking forward to reading your book!
    Thanks for your story. I think of course that nothing is easy in this world of ghosts and vamppires, but the more complicated are not ghosts or vampires, but humans.
    Mr. D

  19. I would like to see Barbara and Gareth make “walk on” suprise guest appearances on your You Tube video show.

    Re the next heir of KIRKLEES, well you would expect Lady A’s to be her next of kin which is her daughter, it is no longer like a proper estate, the heir to the title is Sir Martin the son of the first wife,he has no children so the title will die out. Whoever gets whats left–dont forget Lady A flogged the estate off when she, instead of Sir MARTIN inherited–its in the paper before a certain person goes into a dickipoggy and accuses me of DEFAMATION blah blah DISRESEPCT!!!!! It depends whether the Robin Hood sites are regarded as a nuisance or an assett who inherits or buys Lady A bits thats are left.Hopefully the cap doffing hangers on–you may quote me–will get nowt.

  21. Thanks Barbara.
    I have now sent Mr. D the link you gave, so hopefully that would have been received OK. I am also forwarding you is private email.
    Thanks for the material you sent about your first-hand experiences at the funeral service. Funny what things you learn when people tell you certain things!
    As you know, I did not intend to devote too much space in my next book about the ‘Robin Hood’ eposide, but in view of what you’ve just told me, I think it may deserve a fuller account and a final epilouge. Who could ever have imagined that that person would be the next heir??!! I could just quote what you say – but only with your permission, of course.
    The mind truly boggles!
    I note that you didn’t get mentioned in the Will – but maybe that is understandable!
    Thank you for re-instating me as Patron of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society.
    Yes, I accept, but please allow me 3 0r 4 weeks until other pressing matters are out of the way. I cannot really give my complete dedication to anything at the moment until these matters have been finalised.
    Thanks for that Barbara,
    For the moment,

  22. Well,frankly the whole Robin Hood situation has been an experience I would like to forget–you would have thought taking up such an innocent hobby as local historical research, as I did in the 1980s would have been a pleasant and rewarding occupation. Nor so, it has led to nothing but aggravation ,insult and lies; I have been made to feel a nuisance and a low-life upstart, I have had so-called academics looking down their noses at me(while poking their noses into the same subject and saying they discovered everything) saying I was not a proper historian–I never said I was;I have been accused of all kinds of potty actions, and accused by these Earl Spencers of upsetting a “poor old lady”(who was quite capable of taking care of herself) while they published their nastiness on Internet Message Boards. I have been told I should “respect my betters” by people who have no respect for me, and have forgotten also that I am a “poor old lady” myself.Respect is earned, not a given. I respect people who show me some respect first, not because of who they are,–unless they have done something good, or admirable –but not how much money they have, or what title they have, unless it means something like nurse9as mine was) or doctor etc.. My crime was to suggest people should be allowed to see Robin Hoods GRAVE AND THE PRIORY GATEHOUSE AND THAT THESE MONUMENTS SHOULD BE PRESERVED FOR OUR HERITAGE.What exactly was wrong with this suggestion. Other hsitorical monuments are preserved through out England–are the Brontes kept secret? Is Stonehenge falling down?

  23. It’s a great shame that Kirklees seemed to end up like Highgate. What might have been an interesting historical/paranormal account became a ludicrous vampire tale.
    Regards Matt

  24. I can respect that Barbara. I am well aware of all the problems you have had in the past – just like I had with the so-called ‘Highgate Vampire’! They went on and on (with the help of others) and still continue to this day.
    But maybe the time has come to really forget the past – keep it alive in memory, sure – correct any falsities as well – but basically, not let the past dominate the present.
    I am not saying, just to forget the past – in either legend, memory or history.
    All I really mean is, to put the past in proper perspective.
    It sometimes becomes much clearer when viewed from the present!
    For the moment,

  25. I quite agree David–Good riddance! What could have been a pleasurable hobby, good for local tourism and the reputation and memory of a National hero, became insted a french farce and a witch-hunt–me being the hunted!THOUGH NOT A WITCH) Happily I am mainly occupied with other things these days, the tale just reared its ugly head again recently because of Lady A’s demise, and speculation on the future of the sites, but I guess whoever follows will probably regard Robin Hood and his grave as an albatross. I’ll keep you posted, anyway, either privately or on hear, depending.And Unless I get another billet doux from E.SP of course!

  26. No, I really don’t mind if you give us the latest uodates, Barbara. I just meant I am so fed up with that wretched Highate ‘vampire’ business and the person concerned (sorry, apparently two ‘persons’ now!) trying to link the two cases together.
    There never was any ‘vampire’ roaming around Highgate in 1970; just as there was never one roaming arourd Robin Hood’s grave at Kirklees!  But the historical history of the place, and the ‘ghost stories’ surrounding the gravesite at Kirklees have always interested me.
    That’s all I meant.
    Aside from that (the stupid ‘vampire’ connections!) I still remain interested in the whole history and legend.
    I did write a fairly long article on the whole thing, after all, questioning whether reports about ‘Robin Hood’s ghost’ were really real: meaning (I hope!) that I considered that many of these accounts were genuine, but the ‘vampire one’ was not.
    There is undoubtedly something very strange about that gravesite. I speak as somebody who has actually visited it. Not from the point of view from people who have never even been there! (I think you know who I mean!).
    So, the mystery of the ‘phantom figure’ reported around the grave, still remains unresolved as far as I am concerned.
    And who know’s, we might even make another trip to Yorkshire in the near future to get further information about this.
    In the meantime, however, I guess this case must still be filed as yet another unresolved ‘ghost mystery’!
    For now,

  27. Thanks David and Matt.
    Just a couple of points re the connection betwix Highgate and Kirklees –this was simply the vampire hunter in question, who took credit for both cases, though backed off Kirklees later,by seeking to join the cap doffing fraternity. With Kirklees, though, unlike Highgate, there is a well authenticated historical record of a person called Robin Hood being bled to death by an evil prioress. This may be described as “vampiric”–and many other intepretations of the deed are also possible—this is not to say the prioress was a vampire who got up from her coffin every night and bit people and was still doing it to this day(as the vampire hunter did not catch her!)
    Highgate on the other hand only had an airy fairy tale about a European nobleman with no supporting evidence either to his existence ,vampiric or otherwise.–well researched by Columbine in her article and shown to be pie in the sky.
    The two cases are on record on the vampire hunters website and his book and Unexplained magazine–presumably published because he wants people to read about them, though no other cases from his casebook are on record.
    Well thats all folks, David I havent seen anything in the BRIGHOUSE Echo but I am looking on-line–may have to buy it tomorrow–grrr!

  28. -“And who know’s, we might even make another trip to Yorkshire in the near future.”
    Bring a supply of hessian sack should you feel randy.

  29. Hi David,
    As I told you last night over the ‘phone, I received the information about the ‘bramble bush episode’ quite independently of any media associated with Highgate or Kirklees. It came from a personal account by a man who lived close by, and who actually witnessed the farce as he walked across the hills with a companion and a dog. He relates in his tale, ‘The estate was frequented by frilly-shirted Bohemians on the watch for vampires. As they were regarded as trespassers, the police were called and one of their number fell into a bramble bush in an attempt to escape the clutches of the officers.’ He goes on to say that a police presence around the estate was a normal occurrence for just this type of unwanted trespass, and several times he himself, had to ‘crouch down behind a wall in case he came under suspicion.’ The correspondent had no interest in the Kirklees estate, but was very annoyed at having his regular walks interrupted by police looking for trespassers.
    I think that’s the real story of the ‘Behold the light’ tale. Far from the ‘Bohemians’ being scared of demons and vampires, the more prosaic truth, is that they were disturbed by police officers out on patrol.

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