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David Farrant

So Many Opposites

And its late again. So late!

But nothing has really happened to have posted anything interesting. Well, things are happening, but not that interesting to post.
Unless anyone wants to hear about the weather??! Much better now April has now finally taken over. Maybe that cold has finally gone . . . Until next year.

Things have been happening, as usual. But, my God, you know; this looks like being a really ‘explosive year’. Truly, things have been happening so quickly. That I just don’t seem able to keep pace with them. Its almost as if, things have really raced off on their own course, and they keep stopping to beckon me to catch up with them. I do my best – I really do. But sometimes it is almost like being caught up in a ‘maze of Fate’ with no idea where it is leading. Its easy to know the course in certain directions: this publication due (hurry up, I‘m told!); this next film interview; this next material occurrence, etc, etc. But you find that sometimes the material body finds it hard to relax with all such pressures upon it.

Of course, I could always just retire – go into a Monastery, or something! Go into the wilds somewhere, and throw away all the interest and fame. But one lesson I learned a long time ago, is that wherever you go, that same old human mind comes with you! Well, I guess it would do, wouldn’t it? Its really the only mind most of us know or have come to appreciate! This human mind that always indoctrinates us with opposites; political opposites, social opposites; religious opposites; ‘neighbourly opposites’; the opposites between ‘good and evil’ or hate and love. Just so may opposites!

And we are all mostly caught in these. I am sure – no, convinced – that not many of us often realise that there might just lie something beyond all these pairs of endless opposites. (Or do we, maybe I’ve missed something?!). But so many people just leave it at that, and accept the ‘human scene’ as reality. I never have done personally. But sometimes it can be so hypnotic!

For the moment,


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  1. -“political opposites, social opposites; religious opposites; ‘neighbourly opposites’; the opposites between ‘good and evil’ or hate and love. Just so may opposites!”
    Don’t forget the opposite sex.

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