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Thanks Cat . . . For Once!

Well, what a week – and its not even over yet!

I’ve been lazy doing things, which I suppose some will say is nothing new. I have been getting on with the written work (that always remains a priority) but neglected things like going to pick up my mail from the Post Office; not to mention posting 4 books off which is really quite urgent. Can’t just put them in the post box as they have to go by RD. Which probably means queuing in the Post Office to post them.

Then I’ve still been finishing off other filming, plus trying to organise other people to be filmed whose testimonies are relevant. An author’s work is never done! If that’s not enough, then that whining Cat suggests I introduce Gareth and Barbara into a future YouTube video. Actually for once decrepit moggie might have hit on a good idea. I would be nice to get some other people involved instead of me just sitting there. And shots don’t necessararily have to be filmed in my spacious abode – there are such things as other locations. Now, that’s beginning to give me some ideas. Thanks Cat (for once)!

By the way, anyone else got any ideas what they’d like to see included in future videos, just post them here. I should have said ‘sensible ideas’, as I am being serious here. My camera crew would like to hear these as well, obviously.

Anyway, with all this stuff going on, that’s the reason I haven’t posted for a few days. Talking of locations (though nothing to do with myself actually) a friend of mine is going back to the New Forest very soon, to follow up more leads into the ‘witchcraft connection’ in the area. Its something to do with the late Gerald Gardiner who had early contacts in the area before his death in the 1950s.

What else? Well, you’ll be pleased to hear my favourite beer is now back on sale! I really thought it had gone for good, 10% volume and all! Having a small ‘get together’ tomorrow week, and quite a few people have been invited. (Some of them have just invited themselves – but that’s another matter!).

Well, I suppose I’d better try and get to bed. After all, its well gone 3 now, and even us witches have to sleep!

So for now, everyone,


5 responses

  1. – “that whining Cat”
    Protest my “haunting” if you wish, but someone need be on hand to keep you honest, old chap!

  2. who’s Gerald Gardiner?
    and david how about you get some birds in ur next video. feathered or otherwise!!!!
    maybe speedqueen can make a cameo in her leather!!

  3. Hello David,
    When you speak about Gerald Gardnier you speak about Gerald Gardner, the amateur anthropologist, writer, and occultist who published some of the definitive texts for Wicca?

  4. Who was Gerald Gardnier, Craig?!
    He was only the person who revived the (alleged) ‘witchcraft movement’ in England basck in 1951!
    He wrote a controversal book on it, which caused a ‘storm of protest’ back then.
    Personally, I never adhered to his views.
    Might just feature ‘some birds’ in a forthcoming YouTube video.
    Just be patient, and then you’ll see!
    For now,

  5. Hi Mr. D,
    Yes, that’s exactly whom I referred to.
    There has been a lot of controversy about this point (about whether ‘Gardarian witches’ are genuine or not), but I guess it all comes down to what system people choose to believe.
    Personally, I do not accept that any human system can help people getting any closer to the ‘Laws of Nature’ or even Infinite Being. Which is probably why, so many of my writings on this subject have so often been misunderstood.
    Which is what they have been!
    For the moment,

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