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Got Up Late Again Today

Got up late again today; which was silly really when the weather is quite ‘walkable in’ and I had so much to do.

But there’s not much you can do at 4 when its almost getting dark and when most of the places I had to go work to office hours.  Managed to catch the Post Office though so managed to post off 2 RD books to people.  Still, there’s always tomorrow!

Boy!  Am I getting lazy.  Well, that’s not really true actually.  I spent the last 18 months getting this last book finished; a lot of the time working into the early hours when most ‘normal’ people are fast asleep.  So I think I’m entitled to some relaxation really – especially with the hectic life I’ve had! (Shut up for offences which others really committed, for one thing).

Went into the store afterwards to buy some wine, and my favourite one had gone up yet again.  Its not so much the money (I’ve got enough of that) its just the bloody principle!  And its not only wine either . . . its everything!  I reminded of the time not so long back when I used to make my own wine.  Now that was really strong and even nicer than that which you buy in a manufactured bottle.  I had Colette to help me with it then and you probably wouldn’t believe some of the ‘witch’ recipes we followed.  Did you know you can make wine out of oak leaves?  You have to know what you’re doing, but done properly, its really strong.  Anyway, just have to resign myself to buying bottles at the moment.

I saw my friend in the shop again today (no, I’m not telling you which one – shop, that is!), she really is quite beautiful.  And that’s all I’m saying!

I see the new book has been listed on Amazon already.  So if anybodies interested, just look there and you will get the title.

They’ve listed it wrong (as per usual) as they put ‘KD’ down as the author when he isn’t – I am!  What happened was, I asked Gareth to write me an introduction (which he did), but KD approached me asking if he could do one (which he did; Introduction No1) and I agreed.  Have to approach Amazon though to get that corrected.  (And ‘no’, I’m not telling you who ‘KD’ is; except to say its not who many people may think it is!).

Well,  I finally getting near to the end of the boxes.  I found an old manuscript yesterday that I’d completely forgotten about I’d called “The Trial”.  It was hand-typed in 1976 so will come in very useful for the second volume of my autobiography.  Obviously things were all fresh in my mind then so it’s a good job that I put all the facts down on paper.

Regarding the flat, I managed to get even more shelves up.  They won’t be wasted with all this paper material – not to mention all the books, many of which mention myself in one way or another.

Well, I think I’ll get back to ‘sorting’, so that’s really it for now.



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