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Its Got To Be Done . . .

Well, the snow seems to have gone (in London at least) but now its been raining heavily all day instead, which of course always lowers the temperature.

You can’t win!  But at least there’s no more slush and ice so its possible to walk safely.

Anyway, being not quite so cold, I decided to get on with sorting through a few more boxes.  Still quite a few left to do.  If that sounds simple . . . its not!  Let me explain:

I won the Court case over my flat last summer, but part of the Court agreement was that the each room had to be cleared to a time schedule.  That wasn’t so bad, but in clearing each room, I literally didn’t have the time to sort through everything and file it properly.  Subsequently, everything had to be ‘tipped’ into selected boxes.  That was fairly quick and easy.  What is not so easy is sorting through all the documentation.  There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of letters to be filed properly, and opening and reading them – or re-reading them – takes ages.  Some can be discarded, of course, but others are invaluable; especially for future publications.

There is copious legal material dating back to the year dot, and numerous ‘ghost ’ letters from people requesting advice or giving their experiences with the paranormal.  Not to mention personal letters from people relaying their feelings or personal experiences.  It really does take time; still, won’t need doing again.

Then I have gone back to working on my next book, which is not such a task as most of that is now done.  But whatever, all this stuff takes time but its got to be done.

Its times like this when I really wish I had a personal secretary; but then, much of the stuff is of a confidential nature and it just wouldn’t seem right to let anyone else read it prematurely.

Well, I see that French documentary has really caused a stir!  I didn’t realize that the channel was so big actually; it has millions upon millions of viewers – not just in France, it goes all over Europe.

Actually, its prompted me to release another TF1 documentary made about myself back in 1985, but I need permission for that because although I’m in it, its not my copyright.  I told the French film crew that I would like to do this,  but they said I would have to get permission from TF1 (the French equivalent of the BBC) and they gave me a contact to write to.  I must write, as that could be fun! especially as that film shows my impressions of an apparent ‘occult revival’ in Europe.

But, as I said, I need permission for that, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Closer to home; its still persistently raining as I’m writing this.  Hope it stops soon as I have to go out to get a couple of things for later.

What else?  As I said, the new book is finished now completely.  I shall be sending copies out this week to all those people who have reserved a copy – which includes you Rob once you confirm your new address!  If you called over the weekend, then sorry I missed you.  I’ll have to give you the other two phone numbers in case you might have called on the one next door.  So just get on the phone you lazy kilted, caber-tossing, haggis guzzling Scot!

Well I guess that’s about everything for now everyone.  Better get back to sorting this stuff out.

By the way, thanks Speedqueen for the unique black birthday card.  I’ve never had one like that before!
For the moment,



4 Responses

  1. Thanks Rehan,
    Nice to hear from you.
    Regarding the book, I spoke to the publishers and it looks as though copies can start to be sent out next week. Of course I’ll send you one. I’ll just put an invoice in with it, and pay me once its received.
    With regars to your question on “I Dread to Think”, Yes I’m still in touch with Dave – as a matter of fact, he coming over in the next week or two to help me with something.
    Still see Patsy, her husband and Gareth as well. Yes, we must all meet up. Anybody who doesn’t behave, and I’ll just set Speedqueen on to them, Dave included!
    So, I’ll be in touch very soon,
    For now though,

  2. Lazy, kilted, caber-tossing, haggis guzzling ? calumny, Sir !!! You forgot to mention whiskey-guzzling. Hope you are coping with the snow. I know you Southern softies can’t handle the cold. Anyhow, I hope you are well. Been very busy of late but I shall be in contact in the next few days. KD ? surely not ?

  3. My dear Roberto,
    You are right . . . I forgot to mention ‘whiskey guzzling’ – sacriledge on my part!
    You’d better phone soon with that address, so I can send you the new book. You won’t be disappointed – though I think the next one you might like better! Anyway, regarding this one: just phone! Its ready.
    So wait to hear from you,
    PS I will put your book in the post 1st tomorrow Matt, so look out for it.
    PPS Sorry to divert my post to your most esteemed reply Roberto, but I just wanted to tell Matt that

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