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World Gone Mad!

I don’t know. More trouble with the Council! Hardly worth mentioning because its so trivial.

Somebody here was having a clear out of a room and left a few things out as part of the rubbish. And guess what? They wouldn’t take it because they’ve now got ‘guidelines’ as to what sort of things can or can’t be classed as rubbish. Clothes apparently can’t be as they’ve been there now for 3 weeks now! More than that, everything has apparently got to be inside a bin; even if the bin is full up and items are put in a plastic bag beside it. Talk about being petty minded. If the plastic bags are inside the bin; they can take it. If the bin happens to be full up and anything’s left beside it, they just leave it. I’m sure the world’s gone completely mad sometimes!

And people call me ‘unconventional’ sometimes’. Well, I might be but at least I’m not petty minded! You know, seriously, I think I’ve been through too much in my life to be called that. My mind has almost literally been ‘wrenched open’ by all the very real experiences I’ve encountered over the years. Some good, some bad, but far from closing my mind, they have served to make it even more wide open. Subsequently, I can see many things as many people can’t, simply because they have never experienced them.

I not just talking about the supernatural side of it (although ‘preternatural’ would be a better word), I’m talking about life itself; that life which we are all living in one way or another. The life which is actual reality (at least, as most people know it); that Life that just exists whether we are in it, or out of it. In reality, we are never ‘out of it’, although we may be in another dimension of it and have no recognition of ‘this life’, just as we may be in this life and have no recognition of any other dimension.

Two University students came back last night. From the same University who did the interview with myself a couple of months back. They wanted some still photographs to put with the interview. So I just sat here and let them take a few pictures while I just tried to ignore the camera. They have given me advance permission to post the interview up on my main Website (and the finished photograph). Well there’s nothing else really. ‘Babs the Witch’ appears to have gone to sleep under her cover . . . At least, I hope its still under the cover! You never know with these ‘Halloween ornaments’!

For the moment everyone,


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  1. Yes, I will. Nice to have a photo of it before I finally decide to cast it into the bin, I suppose.
    I’ll make a point of not throwing it away before I photograph it. Or get someone else to more like!
    For now, David

  2. Dear David
    And local authorites have the audacity to levy a substantial council tax for substandard services. A bin collection every fortnight, that’s if the binmen, sorry Refuse Disposal Technicians, empty the bin and don’t just leave some ridiculous notice saying that your bin is overfull.
    There seem to be more and more public notices telling you what you cannot do, this is prohibited, such and such is illegal. You never see a notice informing you of what you can do.
    Please Feel Free To ..
    Regards Matt

  3. Exactly. I would get rid of the Babs statue after you photograph it to avoid being branded as a London Kookie. However the binmen might object to handling it as it is “too horrible” an object to co-exist with other rubbish. Better perhaps to bury it in Highgate Wood at the stroke of midnight. Or post it to some far away place.

  4. Yes, my little ‘Babs the Witch’ is certainly causing quite a stir, which is why I was left with no choice but to discard it.
    Haven’t quite figured out how yet, but the evil thing is likely to end up scaring someone to death!
    Its all right for you though Cat; I’ve got the evil thing in my flat! only feet away.
    But just bear with me until I get it photographed, then it really is going in the rubbish bin, or someplace equally appropriate. (Now there’s a thought! Better flush that idea away though or I’d have the Council after me again!).

  5. Disposing of it has to be handled with care. Simply binning it could upset the balance of Life. All sorts of unseen forces to consider. Please report anything unusual which happens in your flat or nieghbourhood. I feel Babs The Witch is out for no good. She needs be closely watched and perhaps confined in a circlet of sage.

  6. “Out for no good”, that’s putting it mildly Cat!
    The thing wouldn’t have been made or modelled (or manufactured – more of them God forbid!) with such an ‘evil visage’ if that wasn’t the given intent.
    Its a good job its only an inanimate object at the end of the day, that’s all I can say.
    Gosh! Can you imagine the devilment such a thing could cause if it was really living!?
    I shudder at the thought of it!
    Well, its late, and I really must try and get a bit of sleep now.
    Thanks to you, I now have to go to sleep with that thing on my mind. You really are a very wicked Cat!
    Goodnight (or good morning!),

  7. There was a mystery series in the 1970’s called ‘Hammer House Of Horror.’ One of the stories was about a devil doll, which came to life, causing havoc and death in its process of world domination.
    A cautionary tale David, and one you’d do well to remember, young man….keep ‘Babs’ on a short lead. Today a small flat in Highgate, tomorrow the WORLD…who knows where it’ll all end up? Ha ha!

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