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Best Of Both Worlds?

Very wet and miserable today. Still had to go out though. ‘Suppose its true that rain falls on the just as well as the unjust!

This ain’t going to be a long post tonight; I really have done a lot of writing today and having to do that reminded me of a rather unpleasant subject. They are things I rather not be reminded of but they all have to be written up and entered. Why do it at all? I can hear some people say. Because I have to, its as simple as that. That’s the reason. I don’t want to, but I have to. You see, both I and my life-style have been relentlessly ‘attacked’ in public, but not in a normal critical or objective way (which after all, I’m used to by now) but in a highly personal way by certain people filled with bitterness and malice, aspects which have in fact been used to try and cover their own guilt.

Obviously, my life-style as a paranormal investigator and past involvement in Wicca, does not help; but it is not even really about that: it is about the fact that I just chose to ‘turn my back’ on certain people in the past once I found out what they were really like. These people seem to have taken this personally, when I had really done nothing to them, or even criticised them in any way. The proof of this is that such criticism can never produced; simply because it does not exist.
But their’s does . . . in abundance!

That is what I’m having to deal with at the moment, which is really why I don’t feel like making this a long post tonight.

I see somebody has asked me about the ‘ghost of Robin Hood’ (rather about this being a ‘vampire’) but I don’t really even feel like answering this nonsense at the moment. Its not the person’s fault; all he’s doing is asking about what other people have been spreading around. Its strange really how people can become obsessed with various topics. Its almost as if there is nothing else to fill their sad lives! Some turn to the Church to escape admittedly. Nothing wrong with that and I have never condemned that. Using religion to ‘hide behind’ though, while still pursuing such ’worldly notions’ (about ’vampires‘, for example) is really quite another matter.

Maybe they are still trying to ‘have the best of both worlds’ just hoping that God won’t notice! I just somehow don’t think that such things will escape His attention!

So, I leave this tonight, just a little tired. I might answer Craig’s point later – if not it will be tomorrow.


7 Responses

  1. Where is Craig? His trenchant comments are missed. Is he out “on the prowl” carrying a supply of Hessian sacks this Friday eve? I wanted to ask him his advice on the Babs The Witch statue. I, for one, feel that David should seek a replacement for the Babs statue, preferably a figure of a woman with honey blonde hair and “inspiring” physique. Why display an unattractive old hag when one could find an object of physical beauty to place on their shelf (falling down or not)? In the very least, place the hag aside the blonde bombshell so they will cancel each other out. Miaow.

  2. He hasn’t gone anywhere cat, he’s asking me questions on “Godforsaken Nonsense” now about Robin Hood. Have a look. I suppose you’ll join in as usual!
    About the proposed new statue, I’ll have to think about it. Kind thought, but I’d much rather have the real thing. Are you proposed that the new statue be clothed or unclothed? – just asking!
    I’ve taken a photograph of ‘Babs the Witch’ now. I had covered its head with a green scarf, and obviously had to pull this back so you could clearly see its horrid old face.
    Couple of really good shots. Slightly dark, but I have the negatives so these can be lightened if need be.
    Go have a look at Craig’s latest post, and tell me what you think.

  3. i agree with cat i,ll look much beter on davids shelf with my blonde hair and buxom figure ! on second thoughts may fall of shelf being “top heavy”so have to put me some place else but id brighten up your life david so how about it?

  4. Hi Speedqueen,
    If you have been following this ‘witch statue’ saga, you will know I am trying to replace the present gift with something less distasteful!
    Your idea seems promising, ’cause not only would I have a good excuse to throw the other one out, I’d have a real live statue!
    So I might take you up on that!
    Oh, welcome by the way. We’re not really all mad, just trying to enjoy life where possble!
    For the moment,

  5. Speedqueen, do you have any photos of yourself we may examine? We want to make sure you are “right” for David, as he has had poor judgement with selecting female companions in the past. Miaow.

  6. I don’t need any help with my love life, thanks all the same Cat.
    Just for your information, my ‘female companions’ in the past have all just been normal people.
    The one I think you MIGHT be referring to, did not come into this category, and there was no serious relationship anyway, except a working one.
    I don’t even know who ‘Speedqueen’ is yet. So just stop stirring the Kit Kat!
    PS Take no notice of him Speedqueen – he’s always like this!

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