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I’ve had a small break on the Blog as you can see. Had to really. I was just going to say ‘been too busy’, I didn’t because I normally hate to hear people say that when half the time it just isn’t true.

But I really have been occupied – including trying to control some people’s replies here. Its not that I haven’t got a sense of humour, but people like Cat and Craig (yes, and you Barbara!) and others can go ‘over the top’ sometimes if you don’t intervene. Having said that, I do have a lot of sympathy for all the people Bonky and his associate tried to harm in the note so distant past. And they are still doing it, only I seem to be the ‘top of the list’ today. What is ultra ironic, is that both these people pursue their obsession while hiding behind a ‘religious cloak’ in an attempt to justify themselves. You know, using God as some kind of ‘personal avenger’ who is out to ‘do their will’! I am not a confirmed Christian as such, but if that is ‘Christianity’, you can keep it! Luckily, I happen to know its not. God does not set out to ‘punish’ people. And the only ‘person’ that inevitably ‘punishes’ wrong-doers, is themselves.

That, my friends, is one of the main principes of Mystical Law, whatever religion denomination people happen to fall under. Whether they be Church goers, Pagans, Wiccans, Jews or Moslims, or simply atheists; this applies to everyone. Evil always punishes itself in the end. God has nothing to do with it. Neither does the so-called ‘devil’ in fact. The only ‘devil’ there is – or ever was – is the activity of the human mind. No operative human mind – no devil. It really is as simple as that!

Talking of the ‘human mind’: by now some of you may have heard – even saved -the radio interview I gave for Steve Genier’s Nocturnal Frequency Radio on April 2nd. Well, the station also has a Forum and a home-page advertising the shows and where people can post. Need I say it! The poor guy has been subjected to a load of malicious posts about myself from a person not even mentioned on the Show! And not only that, but the person is using aliases to make these posts (one rather stupid one that comes to mind is ‘vampireologist – now where have we heard that before!??) and, needles to say, has now been banned from that Forum. (It must be running into dozens upon dozens of Forums by now!). It’s the usual ‘cut and pasted’ drivel about myself; basically only because (as I said on the Show) I simply don’t accept the existence of ‘blood-sucking vampires’.

The Church has believed in these for ages is his stock reply. Well, I’ve got news for you ‘bonky boy’: if you are talking about barbarous Church doctrines from the past, you may have a point. But then the Early Church also believed in ‘witches’ in their literal sense and believed it was right to torture these and burn them at the stake (all in the name of ‘God’, of course).

But I would have thought the Church has moved on from then. Nobody I know in the modern Church (with the exception of just one or two cranks) accepts the existence of literal Christopher-Lee-type vampires that can be destroyed by being ‘staked through the heart’. Grow up, for God’s sake! (And anybody else who lends their support to this barbaric belief).

The Church does, of course, recognise the existence of ‘evil spirits’ (and even employs exorcists to sometimes deal with these) but bloody ‘vampires’. ‘no’. You should have been born at the time of the bloody Inquisitions. You and Matthew Hopkins would have got on well – persecuting, torturing and executing ‘witches’ or other ‘unbelievers’. And you would have had a free licence to do it then!

On to other matters: I saw Gareth last night and we did a lot of work sorting out Court documents for my chapter for my 1974 trial at the Old Bailey. Looks as if it might run into two long chapters – there’s so much of it. It was very tedious, but we had some wine to help us work so not that bad.. Time went quickly, in fact; though there’s still loads more to do yet. There’s the Trial and then the prison experiences, including the hunger strike (“Pity he never died” as one ‘Christian’ lady was later to remark), and then onto to deal with life after 1976 (or mid ‘76’). Still, I’ll get there (sorry Gareth, should have said ‘we’!). Always do in the end.

So with that good people, I will leave you. Have to go out for a bit in the lovely sun, then more work when I get back.

For the moment,


24 Responses

  1. Sorry David– I know I have going over the top but the titles keep coming into my head! I promise this is the last two—-
    Bishop Harry Potter adn the Goblet of Slime and
    Dances with Werewolves–or vampires if you prefer.
    David I am sorry if you are getting a distorted view of Roman Catholicism
    and Christianity in general. I do not think there it matters so much what a persons label is as long as you are basically a decent person–by that I dont mean goody two shoes and hypocrites who parade around saying how holy they are or those other nutcases who lead people into suicide situations—I am not just getting at the AlQuieda lot ,though of course theya re guilty, but there are lots of Christian ones also, ie Waco and Jim Jones.
    I can lead my Roman Catholic life quite in keeping with their rules( luckily I am too old and lazy to be bothered with sins of the flesh!) but I, and most sensible Christians, have no time for the Whited Sepulchres—Matthew 23-27—–I have no time for Holy Joes and people blowing their own trumpet or saxaphone as the case may be! What I have experienced as you are aware has shown me that this person who has proclaimed his own importance and holiness is a braggart, a lair and an silly old twerp. As for the conjurors assistant, ( I am not talking about the largely invisible wife of the person, who either is stuck with the situation or leads her own life away from him, but clearly doesnt publicly support him) I am less sure how to think about her. But my feelings there would take too long to explain but she is perhaps more to be pitied than blamed–on the other hand she can take a very positive stand over situations, but tends to lose interest and move onto the next victim) Forgive me another book title springs to mind
    Bedmaking in ten easy lessons
    Its not me its my stomach and Mr Stomach says no.
    Baftaboy and his bafta winning friends who have done naff all about robin hood
    tata barbara
    as a final truly final I will bloody well think up something about Red Monkey!
    well hopefully I will get going with other stuff and stop coming up with erm, funny book titles
    tata barbara

  2. you’ve got a brilliant point there david with matthew hopkins.
    now that sick fucker and not too disimilar to bishop dickhead.
    hopkins was the son of a clergyman but he used to pretend he was the son of a nobleman.
    wiki says:
    “Hopkins is commonly thought to have been trained as a lawyer but there is scant evidence to suggest this was the case.”
    …a bit like dickhead/thane/crawford then really.
    the church have obviously changed their stance on witches, vampires and bogey men.

  3. Thanks for that Barbara, and the fairly long post.
    Please don’t think that as a ‘practicing Roman Catholic’, I was alluding to yourself in any way. I was not, nor was I hiding behind ambiguitiies. You should know I am not like that and always say what I mean, and in this case, I was just referring to two particular people whose past actions – and ongoing one’s – just make it difficult for me to accept their claims to be ‘true Christians’. I am NOT against the Christian Church, and never have been. However, I am against ‘Churches’ that claim to be genuine when they have absolutely no legitimate credentials except those that they give to themselves. It follows perhaps,that I am also forced to question the claims of ‘other’ people who lend their support to such ‘Churches’ whilst at the same time professing their own proclaimed status to being genuine practicing Christians.
    I am well aware that this does not apply to yourself and I never meant to imply that it did. You ‘practice what you preach’, Barbara, and go to your own Church regularly without harbouring any hatred for others or supporting anybody who may be harbouring active hatred towards others. THAT is the difference. I am sure you know what I mean being aware of most of the circumstances.
    I am havng a quiet night tonight anyway Just a couple of letters to write and then I’m really up to date for today.
    I’ll get back to Craig tomorrow. He’s probably in the pub tonight anyway, so won’t read it until tomorrow!
    Speak soon,

  4. Thanks David–no I didnt think you were meaning me, I knew who you meant and I dont like these maverick churches and cults whether Christian or otherwise. Anyone trying to force people into his or her point of view or else , well they are just people who want power and importance. If someone cflaims to be holier than thou into the bargain, it just proves how false it all is–unfortunately soem of these leaders have “charisma” thats how they get their followings, like David Koresh for example, or even political leaders who have to be ruthless—you could say a lot of them are psychopaths really.Hiltler had a following and a load of besotted women who were in love with him— who committed suicide eventually, so there you are, I rest my case. Its 6 am, I have been awake for an hour, I sleep less and less the older I get!
    tata barbara

  5. “I sleep less and less the older I get!”
    careful barbara or you’ll get a cross dressing, nazi, schizo pretend bishop screaming ur the yorkshire vampire!

  6. I think I am Craig as I fall asleep during the day! Or maybe as Bish Harry Potter likes to stress when mentioning my good self, cos I am a decrepit old pensioner—( Crikey- whats he then!!!!! Cant wear them sexy skintight person-hugging bumfreezing tightbreeks any more, has to wear a frock these ‘ere days! ) Me, I’m still the same beautiful young maiden I always was actually! Though I had to stop blonding my hair when the rotters took the peroxide off the shelves cos of the bombers—I used to mix it with water and comb it through now and then, very cheap and effective. But apart from that I dont look a day over 18!
    (I am joking of course–I look about 21 )
    tata barbara

  7. speaking of ‘peroxide’ whatever happened to that character?
    that blog used to crack me up.
    peroxide was some emtionally damaged and paranoid weirdo with all that “i know where u live craig” bollocks.
    good. so do i. i’d be in real trouble if i didn’t.
    now ur mentioning bombs, ul be turned into a vampire terrorist!!!
    i was looking at dickheads blog earlier andnow hes slagging of steve from nocturnal radio calling him an apologist.
    anyone who listens to david is called an apologist.
    how does that work?
    To listen to dickhead ud have to be called a gullible moron.
    and all that guff he writes on and on and on about, never once accepting that people are laughing at the fat porker because he genuinely believes he has staked ‘scores’ of vampires!

    1. I think I’ve already answered that Craig. She started up that pathetic ”pro bonky” Blog (after nicking my banner) called “The Unhuman Touch” and moreorless said I would never dare confront her. Well I did, directly. Her, Bonky and his cohort. What happened? They all ran off and she quickly closed it! ‘Peroxide’ was obviously not her real name; bonkers was using some silly alias trying to pretend it wasn’t really him, and the cohort was hiding behind the scenes but feeding Bonkers with the usual lies and distortions. Talk about a load of cowards! All disguised or hidden whilst I was there as myself and answering all the malicious allegations under my real name. I always use my real name when signing any of my posts, which makes the whole thing even more ironical.
      Anyway, that’s what became of ‘Peroxide’. Good riddance to her as well!
      For now,

  8. well we can’t actually call anyone a manchaser apologist, because nobody (apart from his vanishing sock puppets) ever supported his senile old fairytales.
    i still want proof over his being related to byron.
    no geneology tree?
    no records?
    wouldnt be too hard to independantly research the fanciful bastard lineage, or does it all rely on “my mum said blah blah”
    i still remember those pics of him where he deliberatley turns and shows his profile in a random pic in an attempt to look like byron.
    more like moron.
    and what ever happened to that blog where the guy was publishing private letters and emails and says people are aware of manchaser being mentally unstable?
    Craig Byron

    1. You know, you’d make quite a good Lord Byron, Craig. Seriously, you could have all the traits to play him in a film. I don’t know all the history, apart from what I’ve read in the history books. But he was supposed to be eloquent and good-looking (well, maybe you wouldn’t fit quite so well there, no offence!), be a womaniser, drink far too much and write bad poetry. All you’d lack is the gammy leg!
      Seriously, you’d stand a far better chance than people who are old and withered, obese and balding, wear stage clothes from some fancy dress shop (which are not even period-style) and pose with such attributes as ‘proof’ that Byron was an ancestor.
      Its funny really. “Craig Byron”! Yes. Well the more I think about it, I think you might be a suitable person for an audition.
      They’d have to find a suitable Lady Caroline Lamb, of course. But I might have just the right person there who doesn’t live that far away from Newstead Abbey. She’d have to wear a blond wig and a suitable face-mask, but apart from that it could make a really good film! Or if it didn’t work as making a serious representation of the ‘great man’s’ life, they (I’m talking about the American producers, of course) could always turn it into a ‘spoof’! Either way, it could make a really goof film!
      “Craig Byron”. yes, I like it!

  9. For Craig
    PS While I remember, poor old Gareth was aslo given that title as well after his book “Lure of the Sinister” had been published. (By Mew York Universisty Press, 2001. There you are Gareth, don’t say I never plug your books!). He was branded as . . . “An apologist for Satanism” for God’s sake, when the whole purpose of his book was to expose people that made up stories about ‘Satanism’ to suit their own purposes or for financial gain. Gosh the man is really sick. Don’t mean you Gareth, but the other person!
    For now,

  10. In the Stray Wits book the Byron blarny is explained–to suit the claim so its a bit subjective. Of course they could do some DNA maybe, that would settle it, but would they have to dig his lordship up? Has he any descendents? Didnt his wife have a child, and his sister also, Melandra or something……… from the incestuous relationship. Frankly I M SURPRISED THAT SOEMONE AS HOLY AND RIGHTOUS AS BONKY WISHES TO LAY CLAIM TO SUCH A NAUGHTY ANCESTOR.
    I cant sleep, I have a chest infection, or allergy–surely not to the cats after all these years! so am awake, its 3.40 am, or maybe I am turning into a vampire,
    tata yawn.

    1. Well its 4.50 for me Barbara. Actually I didn’t realise it was so late. Been working on the next Vol. but I guess I’d better start aiming for bed as well now.
      I believe they did exhume Lord Byron in 1939 (with Home Office permission) and found the body surprisingly un-decomposed – at least, the priest in charge said it looked very much like his portrait (which obviously, is all that bonky has to emulate or copy).
      But I still think Craig would make an excellent modern-day Lord Byron. In a fictional film, that is!
      For now,

      1. PS Barbara,
        As a thought, Lord Byron’s body was afterwards re-interred in the crypt of the church. Obviously they didn’t have DNA in those days (1938 or 39), but if they were to take some modern DNA samples and compare it with Bonkies if he was willing (whichI am sure he would not be!), everyone would get a big surprise. Well, not really a ‘surprise’, as nobody believed the claim in the first place.
        But it would be a genuine chance for Bonky to prove that Lord Byronwas really an ancestor!
        For the moment

  11. 7.30 am now David–I slept perfectly okay downstairs–you will be relieved to know I havent got swine fever! Its something in that bedroom thats making me wheezy and cant be the cat cos he simply came downstairs and slept in the chair with me and he sits on my knee during the day also .I wonder if it is bed bugs or dust mites or something nasty—yuk–even with the window open I have started being wheezy! I’ll ttry sleeping in the little bedroom tonight see if its any different. Anyhow I have to see the dr on Friday for my tablet check so I’ll see what he or she thinks!
    I am sure the Byron connection is bunkum, it is just part of the grandiose delusions–have any of the gang read “our patron lord……..” so on—it is a typical example of the grandiosity he suffers from, full of all that chivalry crap and not being better than his fellow man, and a perfect gentleman of impeccable breeding–funny in that he never mentioned his immaculate conception, the biggest delusion of all. Probably hadnt invented it at that point!
    well,I will bid thee farewell for now
    tata barbara

  12. wake up boy!!!!!!!!!! I have been out and about from the crack of dawn!
    I am now blitzing the bedroom over the dust mite invasion! Or the nasty spell some fiendish foe has put upon me–will flood the place with holy water also! I have been out visiting an elderly person–well more elderly than me–and now have all this beastly cleaning to do–I am not Miss Haversham but there are a cobweb or two I have to confess –I dont mind spiders too much and try not to kill them. It is time you were up and about and scrubbing your steps, and I hope you have made your bed also! I might just make a trip to London to check up on you, but I wont give you a date so I can catch you unawares not doing your housework!
    tata for now
    barbara 13.52 by my computer clock

  13. Cat you have never been to my house, it is vacuumed regularly with a DYSON–if you know what that is, still I am having an extra spring clean to try and get rid of the problem. It isnt the cat, I dont know what it is, I think it might eb dust mites but everyone ahs dust mites, even the Queen. Well at least we agree over his delusional bonkiness.

  14. Barabara stop blaming the cat for your wheeezing and hoover your rooms for a change. As for Bonky, why stop at Byron? Why not claim lineage to Lord Nelson? Elvis? King George? Jesus? It’s just as unproved and he might as well go completely “bonky” with his tales: “Yes, as a consecrated Bishop I witnessed Farrant piloting a UFO over Leeds while playing skittles with The Devil and Guy Fawkes”. Mad. Bad. Ridiculous.
    Miaow for now.

  15. Well, just to conclude this enthralling saga,of the msytery of the wheezy nights, I tried another bedroom last night in my “country residence” and no problems. My usual bedroom is getting blitzed, there must have been a PLAGUOO of something narsty in it, had the best night’s sleep in ages and feel like a new person. Course I prefer my own bedroom as it looks over the fields—so far we have kept the local greedy builders at bay–I like to look out, there are no curtains, at the stars at night and the cows–or is it bulls—in the morning.My cat slept next to me so its defintely isnt a sudden cat allergy–I suspect dust mites, shudders, how horrid! It is a bit dusty under the bed which is a fixture and awkward to get under.
    By the way I sent David a link to another link I found—we have all been on it plus some people I dont know, it had me in stitches!
    tata barbara

    1. Not the small ‘haunted bedroom’ where Gareth and the dumpling once slumbered, I hope!
      Gosh Barbara, you’re getting brave! Hope you made the bed!!

  16. Yes David–I forgot Gareth once slept there —on his first visit—and as for the other person, it was “hers”—now it is my grandaughters. Back to my own room tonight, once I have finished shovelling out the dust–haha! I’ll get all the carpets shampooed next, gosh all this domestic talk, its come to something. I most certainly made the bed when I got up, and pulled the curtians! , it is a bit of an obsession with me–how sad–but I like everything tidy–apart from the odd clutter of my books and papers, thats why its essential I live alone and cant do with anyone messing the place up. Of course that doesnt include my grandaughter, she can make as much mess as she likes, its”clean mess” and she is only 8, its soon cleared away when she goes home.
    Did you like the link I sent–I found it by accident last night, I was in stitches,
    tata barbara
    ps I have discovered how to sort my pictures out into proper order, so will have a good batch to send onto anyone interested. Can you e mail a complete file or do you have to send individual pictures? That was doing my head in as well, all my pictures being in a muddle. The Roy Barclay file is a file on its own–or will be before the end of the day! It doesnt matter me using his name–for anyone interested I am trying to find out what happened to him–he mysteriously dropped off the planet 4 or 5 years ago, his last known address was Frinton on Sae–thats a funny place also, it was on tv.So I am trying to trace him.
    Still no clue on his whereabouts even after he supposedly sent me an e mail saying I ahd pinched his copyright—-well, that doesnt take too much figuring out who actually sent it does it!
    tata again
    well back to my chores

  17. Barbara your wheezing may have been caused by badger hair– which is most ordinarily used in the manufacture of fine brushes sometimes sold as men’s tonsorial and grooming accessories — especially if it was in contact with your bed linens.

  18. Well I wouldnt know anything about that as the only shaving bruish I am aware of was on my bathroom shelf left by Sir Gareth by accident and I threw it straight into the bin, as you have been told many times, but being a dickipoggy minded creature you keep conjuring up lurid fantasies to give yourself a furry pussy thrill, methinks. Its called something else which I wont put on here as its too rude, but I am sure you get my drift–I can just see you getting all worked up just thinking about the shaving brush –you need therapy! Or a she cat friend to get rid of your frustrations.
    I didnt know the blasted thing was of sentimental value, in fact I cant imagine how a shaving brush could be, but no matter, as far as I was concerned it was a nasty manky old thing littering up my bathroom, so I chucked it away.
    Sorry Gareth, for throwing it away and sorry also for your precious shaving brush being used as an aid to a pervy old cat’s dickipoogy fantasies!
    tata barbara

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