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Monday – But Not Yet Finished!

Well, having said I’m not too impressed with Sundays, I have to admit that Monday is perhaps my favourite day of the week (if I had to make some mundane choice). I somehow like the general atmosphere of resigned acceptance that another working week is about to begin, and can almost enjoy some people taking the whole thing so seriously! I’m not a part of it all, so I suppose that’s easy to say; but my actual freedom comes mainly in not being a part of the masses and the petty time limits and obligations.
Not that I am not kept busy, I am. But my work is never restricted to any time-scales; or rather time limitations never restrict my work That really gives a sense of freedom; but it is not ‘cultivated’ rather has just come naturally. The secret probably lies in the very meaning of time, but that is one treasured secret I would not lightly give away!
I am nevertheless obligated to my work. I guess the main difference is, I pick my own time to do it in.
I am working on a couple of writing projects at the moment. I am revising two of my main books (autobiographical works titled Shadows in the Night and Dark Secrets) into one bound volume, which a large independent publisher has virtually accepted (too bad if they change their minds as the work will be published anyway!).
The other work (completely new work perhaps I should say) is to bring events in my life on the ‘esoteric field’ completely up to date. The latter is somewhat painful to write as it necessitates reconstructing old memories of things that I would much prefer not to have to think about; but then, the same problem occurred in “Dark Secrets” also. But I overcame that, so this will be the same.
What else? Well nothing really. Well into Monday now. Working all night and I’m a little tired. Its coming up to 5 am. Looks like I’m going to miss breakfast again!


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  1. Hi David. I met you when you gave a talk at the Devreux pub. I’m Craig I don’t know if you remember me (the I.T man who bought you a drink lol).
    You gave out some a4 sheets of paper but you didn’t have enough to go around. is there any chance you could email me the stuff I missed please?
    I like the blog and good luck on the new book.
    [email protected]

  2. Thanks Craig,
    I just spotted your post when I put up my short post “Relaxing”. Glad you posted, please do so whenever you want.
    I think I remember you (to be honest only vaguely visually); were you not the person who bought me a glass of red wine after my talk on the Highgate Vampire on May 23rd? Yes I did run out of photocopies. If I remember, I did about 30 copies of each one not realising that there would be over 50 people there! (But they could share them, so that was something).
    Yes. I will certainly email them both, and I will do that separately to your email.
    Thanks again Craig. And do feel free to ask any questions here,
    For the moment,
    David Farrant

  3. Hello. Is Stupsi in this thread? Never mind. Good luck on the new book and don’t forget to take your rest. Staying up nights working puts a strain on ones constitution.

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