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Wait And See!

Very late night yesterday.   Jamie came to London with his friend Jo, and we all stayed up talking until the early hours.

There was food available, and a few bottles of wine. Della was here as well, but you can’t see her as she was the one that took the photograph!  (Sorry ‘Seaniekins’, but no doubt you will still keep trying: whoops, lets just wait for the next wild guesses!).

In fact, just a quiet family evening, very relaxed.  Personally, I needed it after all the frenetic activity of late.  What with deadlines to meet; film scripts to study, and a host of other things, it made a pleasant change.  Just a quiet evening, and believe me, we all needed a bit of a rest!  Well, we had one!  So sorry to disappoint any of my ‘critics’ (in reality, only two of them!)  who are quick to proffer accusations of ‘drunkenness’, while admitting to consuming a whole bottle of wine solo at Hallowe’en!  (The mind truly boggles!).

Jamie and Jo left earlier today as they still had a 2-hour drive or so to get back to where they lived.  I have to admit though, that Della and myself didn’t make it back to the ‘land of the living’ until around 4.30 this afternoon, and it was almost dark no less!  It was certainly a bit late to send a few proposed letters, but, ah well, always another day for that.

On a another matter: Della and I have received several emails from people asking why Della has changed her Internet name to Della Farrant.  Well, there are just some questions that we are just not obliged to answer (sorry, don’t mean that to sound in any way rude),  but you’ll just have to wait and see about that!  When we’re ready we will announce the truth about that.  Its really not that we don’t want to share it with most of you who are genuine people;  but, as I said, I have one or two obsessive critics who would only pervert such personal information to their own personal advantage.  So sorry, you will just have to wait and see.  I will tell you when we are ready!

And that’s just about it!

Quiet night in tonight – though I expect I will still be up long after many of you have gone to bed!  For now,



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