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Its All Been Happening!

Its all been happening of late.  The new DVD has been in great demand and I heard yesterday that a supplier in the USA has offered to supply these on demand to serious occult  groups and students in America.

This will help considerably in being able to satisfy the many queries and  I have about the Highgate Vampire case from the USA and hopefully set the record straight for people who have been ‘misled’ by stories of a ‘blood-sucking vampire’ that has invariably been circulated by certain other sources.  There is a lot of nonsense out there about the case; not least about my own central involvement in it back in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s, which needs to be clarified for a few whose only source of knowledge are the claims of some ‘crackpots’ or the lurid pages of pulp fiction.  I have gone a long way in correcting much of this in the first two volumes of my autobiographies “David Farrant – In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire” and its companion Volume “David Farrant – Out of the Shadows”, but more often than not, a visual interview is helpful to fill in the more sensational aspects of the Highgate case.

Indeed, that’s why the DVD was made earlier this year.

On another matter, I have had several enquiries about the Comic Book “The New Adventures of Bishop Bonkers”.  This was the creation of Cecil Lamont-Dwiggins (and ‘no’, I don’t know his real name, that’s a closely guarded secret!), an American who has been ‘forced into hiding’ to escape the ravings of some vengeful ‘bishop’!  Not that there is anything wrong with the comic – it is basically a satirical look at many of the false claims surrounding the Highgate saga: really, as I have already clarified above.  The characters in the Comic are, of course, all fictional and bear no resemblance to living persons (with the exception of myself perhaps, by a character bearing my real name) but that did not prevent a malicious complaint being made to Stripgenerator who designed the original cartoon characters.  It would have been the usual sort of thing naming myself as being the main perpetrator for the Comics construction.

Let me set the record straight here:  I had nothing to do with the story-line in the Comic – absolutely NOTHING! That is not to say I do not find the whole thing entirely amusing, I do!

Anyway, according to Stripgenerator the comics are of a limited commercial nature. The only request they made is to post their company credit and link, which I have now asked my people to do.  So, no ‘Seanie’ they are NOT illegal and do not contravene their terms of use. Try again.

Another very late night last night.  But I have yet another filming project coming up: a “Christmas Special” which we are trying to get completed in time for Christmas.  It all takes work  And lots of it!

Well I guess that’s about it for now: think I’m about due for a glass of wine!

David (Farrant).


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