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Good Night Had By All

My friend Andrew Gough came over last night with a new lady companion, Layla; a model and an actress who is helping Andy in a new film.

Actually ‘helping’ is probably the wrong word as she is his leading lady in the film, which looks like being very successful. Andy  is also the owner of the supernatural come mystical Website “Arcadia”, so I imagine he has more than a little to keep him occupied at present.  But last night I like to think he and Layla had an opportunity to relax, and we just talked and had a little wine and I did my best to serve to serve out some quick food, or rather simply heated some Pizzas.  Jamie was also here and a friend of mine who was visiting from the South coast and staying overnight.  Her name was  . . . no, on second thoughts, I’ll leave you to guess!

Andy took a few pictures and so I have posted one of these above.  In fact, we were just preparing for a huge ‘witchcraft orgy’ – but obviously I can’t post the rest!  But maybe another one tomorrow.  Well, if you believe stuff you read in the Sun newspaper about me, frankly you’ll believe anything.  But seriously, a good night was had by all of us and I hope you and Layla can get over again soon Andy.

David (Farrant)


3 Responses

  1. hi, gotta concur, had a thoroughly entertaining evening, complete with midnight stroll. we both got home safe, despite me gettin lost in London!!! great to meet Andy, Layla and your delightful other guest, do it again real soon, I’ll call you over the next couple of days J

  2. hi David.
    just got back into the UK and having a well earned break.
    good to see ur still hot on the case of trying to score with the chicks!
    but by God that man is bloody tall!
    he looks like a bouncer that once threw me out of the electric ballroom a few years back!
    anyway i’m busy for a couple of weeks tieing up loose ends and then i’ll be over for a major drinking session and we can catch up.
    Lord Craigus of Byron-on-the-Smeg

  3. Oh no!
    Just when I thought life was getting a little more peaceful! Seriously; good to see you back. I knew actually because K. had already told me. Just awaiting your response with ‘dread’. No, I don’t think it was my friend (on the photo) who ‘threw you out’ of one of your foreign drinking joints. It must happen so often, that must just get people a little confused!

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