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Been A Busy Week

DVD intro with Gareth J Medway
DVD intro with Gareth J Medway

Its been a hard week, and its not over yet, although I can relax a bit today.

Tomorrow four people coming,  then Saturday another  four.  So I won’t be able to get much work on the book done then.  Nothing to do but talk, eat and drink really.

Please to say the new DVD is now out though – 1 hour 10 minutes in length.  I have put a still up above but this is only really from the introduction.  It costs £13 so anybody here interested just put up a post.  If you don’t want it published, just mark it private, but if I don’t know you don’t forget to include a postal address.  I won’t publish addresses in the event you forget to mark it private.

Well the new DVD has caused some interest even from as far afield as Australia.  Would’nt be surprised if it finds its way into the out-back- well, give the natives a break inbetween chasing all those water hoggs and bush kangaroos!

News?  Well apart from the DVD the film is coming along nicely (I mean the one I’m under contract to) and another filming project next week  But I’ll tell you about that later once its completed and I’ve checked for permission to give it a mention here.

Oh yes, nearly forgot . . . received an invitation for dinner  over Christmas from Bournemouth.  Seems a long way to go, but I have been offered a lift by car. Shall I go?  Haven’t made up my mind yet..  I won’t leave you in the dark, but tell you all later.

So with that I will finish good people.  Still got some things to do today which should have been done yesterday – or the day before!

For the moment,


7 Responses

  1. dinner in bournemouth?!
    erm…has Nutty McMental lost all of his friends and in need of new ones?
    explain please!

  2. thats a real shame mate as i was hoping i’d get an invite as well.
    i’ve never been to a retreat before.
    question is what’s it a retreat from?
    p.s does Cat still knock about this place or have all 9 lives been used?

  3. david i have gatecrashed your place more times than the hippodrome!
    i’ve got a really busy couple of weeks before i get a nice long christmas break.
    so whats been happening then?
    come on mate gimme some gossip.
    why does mentalcase want you to come down?
    and where is he these days?
    i cant find any new mad rambling from him.
    wheres all the action?
    i feel like i’m missing out on some classic meltdowns!

  4. Nothing to explain really. He made the Christmas Invition under an alias (as usual) but once he’d been ‘sused’, he’s now trying to deny its him. Same old story!

  5. I don’t somehow think you would have got an ‘Invite’ to the ‘dinner’! This charlaton is pretty selective!
    Much as I’d like to see you here again, I have personally decided not to see anybody else until after Christmas – I mean well after the Christmas period.
    I am seriously a little exhausted with entertaining people. It gets to be a bit too much, as well as distracting me from working.
    Having said that, you and K. are always welcome welcome on you’re own. I’ve already told her that on the phone anyway, so maybe you will already understand the position.
    Hope you had a good time over there anyway. And if the two of you want to come over, that’s still OK.
    Hope you’re behaving yourself – but I expect that’s a bit too much to expect!

  6. Please don’t ‘gatecrash’ it again before Christmas! I have two people coming over next weekend and that’s IT!
    I just want to be on my own for a while and don’t want groups of people. You and K. are always welcome, but please give me a ring first, or ask her to.
    Incidentally, when are you going back over there again?

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