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Awake Fairly Early

Well, its nearly 7 am; but I have been to bed – of sorts.

Fell asleep in my chair for an hour or two earlier and woke up past midnight.  Worked till around 2. 30 then fell asleep again and just woken up.  Its not worth getting into bed physically now – besides, not really tired anymore.  Well I have had 7 hours sleep now, so that’s better than being awake all night.

News?  Nothing much really.  I think most people know about the Don Ecker interview last Friday wherein we discussed Highgate and his forthcoming Report on the Highgate case.  Then there was a Hallowe’en broadcast on Hallowe’en but that had been pre-recorded.  And ‘yes’, they asked me about the Highgate ‘vampire’ – among other things.

Phone call  yesterday about a Satellite TV project but I said ‘no’ I wouldn’t be filmed outside the gates of Highgate Cemetery – they have to come to my flat if they wanted that.  More persistence, so I said I’d agree to be filmed in Highgate Wood (just over the road) as a compromise.  Waiting to hear back.

Oh yes.  Another call from Bev yesterday,  She’s the lady who came to see me earlier this year after seeing some allegation on the Internet that I’d published her private address.  In fact, I hadn’t and it transpired that a certain ‘man of the cloth’ had tried to give her and her husband Kev that impression.  But that’s all been sorted out now.

Anyway, Bev  told me that her husband’s work contract in Spain had now come to an end and he was back in the UK.  She said they are moving closer to London shortly as he had accepted another long-term contract in North London and it was nearer.  She also said that he would like to meet me soon and would this be okay?.. I said sure, but that I would leave her to arrange this.  I liked Bev; she was a very down to earth and ‘no nonsense’ lady and, from what she’s said, her husband will be the same.

So, that’s about all for now.  Just thought to do a quick Blog as I’m awake fairly early.


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