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Hallowe’en Once Again

Hallowe’en once again!  Well, its been and gone now – past midnight.

Had a guest for the weekend, so didn’t really do much, except talk.  Maybe just the odd drink and food here and there!  But that’s all you need really to relax sometimes.

As many of you will also know by now, I gave an interview for Don Ecker on his American Radio Show in California last Friday.  Don has just issued his report on the Highgate ‘vampire’ case, and so naturally we also discussed that. Two hours long, but it’ll maybe interest many people interested in that case   I’ll put the link up here soon, just waiting for a scanned picture of the  cover.

The new DVD on the Highgate case, “The Curse of the Highgate Vampire” will be available in about a weeks time (Pic of cover above).  More details to follow a little later.

Had a good weekend; but I’m still a little tired folks.  Tired, but happy to have made the acquaintance of a beautiful lady.  And ‘no’, I’m not saying who it was.  And so please nobody ask.  Just have to keep everybody guessing for the moment.  It doesn’t matter anyway, surely, because surely my private life in that respect is only mine alone. At least. it should be, but it hasn’t always worked that way!

Anyway, I do another Blog in a couple of days, and bring you all up to date.


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  1. David, when will your harem reach capacity? 😉
    You haven’t been seducing purveyors of fine ink cartridges again have you?
    Or girls with no name?
    Or bank cashiers?
    Or Spanish ladies with nice tans?
    Did you dine on eye of newt, and toe of frog?
    Inquiring minds have a right to know!

  2. Glad to hear you have had a nice weekend of relaxing. Ill say it again.. Im really looking forward to the DVD, you have been busy! Thanks again for the link to the radio interview that you sent me, much appreciated.

  3. Great news about the new dvd David. I hope the second part of your autobiography is not far from being released too.

  4. For Powder Gem
    Thanks, and I’ll post a DVD to you in the very near future. Yes I did relax for a couple of days over Hallowe’en; but think I eserved it!
    For now

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