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Two Witches Together

Lana with David Farrant
Lana with David Farrant

Time for another Blog and I just thought you might like to see a picture of Lana taken a couple of weeks ago.

Lana is a white witch but, as she told me, she is a ‘solitary witch’: that is, she is not a member of a practicing group but prefers to work alone.  As a matter of fact, I can perfectly understand that.  Often there is too much ‘internal bickering’ in some Mystical groups, often caused by a yearning for power or importance of the part of some individuals.  I does not happen all the time, but it can – and does – happen.

In fact, the pic is just a ‘still’ taken from a longer length of film which showed me interviewing  Lana about her involvement and beliefs. Perhaps expectedly, she told me that ‘witchcraft’ (as in Wicca the true meaning of the word) was never used to harm anybody; rather to help or to heal others, and also as a means towards self-development.

Needless to say,  true Wicca has no connection with Satanism or black magic: in fact these practices are condemned in Wicca as being beliefs that can inevitably harm the soul.  And so they can.  Indeed, instead of spiritual advancement, these practices result in spiritual regression. I should know this.  I had been Initiated into Wicca and seen it happen: it still happens. Most people know that I left any active part in Wicca back in 1982, although I have always kept in contact with who are actively involved in it: not only people involved in Wicca but people across the whole field of Mysticism.

I can hear some of you thinking:  if I am no longer involved in Wicca, then why the need for a magical altar in my flat.  Simple.  The interview was a sequence from a film, and if you are filming a certain subject it is only appropriate to have the relevant background.  It happens all the time in films and on TV!

There may be some, of course, who may prefer to think that this is proof that David Farrant is really still involved in Wicca.  To those I can only say, I would not lie about things like that.  But if you prefer to think the contary, just to please you I’ll title this Blog . . .”Two Witches Together”.   Happy now??!!


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  1. Hi David,just read your blog.I agree its much better to work alone,if you are into this sort of thing.I know i always have.I cant wait to see the film!!!It really does look very interesting.I would probably have a lot in common with Lana.Its always good to see what other witches think?Funnily enough,when i used to tell people that i was awitch,theyd say”dont you have your own coven,?”And id say no,then think there was something wrong with me,because i did work alone.Just releaved that someone else has done the same thing.You can get a lot of chiefs in groups,and not enough indians.Anyway,now i will try and find that site i told you about. Yours,Clarmonde

  2. She certainly came across as being very sincere in her approach to the whole subject. But that was one reason I wanted to talk with her.

  3. David, Ijust joined today and I find you very interesting. I have been having problems with the paranormal. I am also a beginning witch. I keep sensing very bad things as I am psychic. I would love to hear from you.

  4. Thank you for joining Beautiful Fallen Vampire (can I just call you ‘Beautiful Vampire?, its quicker to type!) and please just post (or ask me anything) whenever you want. If there is anything you want to keep private just post asking me to email you and I will.
    Thank you again for joining, and I hope you will post again.
    For now
    David (Farrant)

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