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Too Good To Waste!

Well its been anther beautiful day, and still is really although its night now. Its nice not to worry about a fire, and as well as that, I can enjoy a cold beer again now.

Somebody emailed me earlier for information about the unexplained phenomenon that reputedly haunts the ruins of Baron Hall in Beaumaris, North Wales. He said there are local proposals to turn the whole building into a block of luxury flats. Pity Anyway, I found the interview I had given to KD about this back in 1997 (the original one this time) so I decided to post this up on Facebook on The Highgate Vampire Society group.

Actually that reminds me. I really must get down to Anglesey again soon. Not so much to visit Beaumaris again but because I have a place to stay there where I am ‘always welcome’. I’m sure you don’t read my Blog Rossi, but if you do, I will be phoning you about this again soon. I really do need a short break and would be pleased to honour you with my presence. Though the truth is, I suppose, you are one of the few people who can put up with me! It goes without saying that you are still always welcome here if you should come to London.

Two people stopped me up the road today to say they really enjoyed my Talk recently. Not so much coincidence really as I told you everybody seems to be about on Saturdays. I didn’t want to go out, but I realised I was out of wine, not to mention that the larder was empty!

Found some ‘lost’ stuff on my computer earlier, when I was looking for the ‘Beaumaris interview’ actually. This will really make you laugh! It was a book I had started for somebody about her life as ‘a Pagan’. She was more or less dictating it while I was making suggestions. Ye Gods! Is it funny. I’d completely forgotten about it having given it some weird file title. I’m going to keep it, but just wish I’d come across it again earlier. It would have fitted perfectly into the finished Pact with the Devil chapter, but unfortunately that’s all finished now. But there’s always the revised edition somewhere along the line. Too good to waste!

Well everyone, I think I’ll keep this Blog short for today, as the night is young (11.30pm) and I want to get back to the ‘Trial’ chapter.

So that’s really it for now,


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  1. Hi David–I thought this the most appropriate spot! Hoping you a
    had a good Bank Holiday. I went over the Ilkley to a craft fair and met up with an old mutual friend–you havent met but probably heard or read of. I went back to her house for tea and she suggested I look through her bookcase while she was in the Kitchen–lo and behold, there was a signed copy of THV 1985–first edition. We were in hoots reading through it and my poor f riend was mortified to think she ahd once believed it all and written to the author to congratulate him. Well I too had believed it, crazy at is sounds, as the author had seemed very genuine and neither of us could conceive that it was a pack of lies. We agreed that the prose was purple–long words used were a short one would do–a favourite was when the author went “circumambulating” through the woods–could he not have just walked? Also the lurid Diana-like dream of L**** beckoning and pouting and writhing and spurting blood asnd sending him into ecstacy–yuk! I havent got it with me, have advised my friend to hang onto it, it might be worth something though all the pages are loose.
    We had a good luagh about times past, and still going on, with the Robin Hood dickipoggy and all those other bishops foaming and fuming and doffing the caps–I mean mitres!
    It was a good day
    tata barbara

    1. Yes, all those books seem to be falling apart, Barbara – probably because of the cheap binding!
      I have had a fairly quiet day, but glad you enjoyed yourself. Well, it sure makes for entertainment reading that! I mean, ‘staking a vampire’ which roared in rage after being ‘staked’, then staking its ‘disciple’ after it had changed into a ‘giant spider’! (And lest we not forget, the author claimed to have stripped naked in a graveyard before performing the latter act!). The mind truly boggles! But I guess its better than the TV in some ways!
      I am having a night off from writing tonight. Don’t want to over-tax my brain; apart from which I hate doing all that legal stuff.
      Well, as you can see, Hailey is the latest victim of his ‘poison pen’. she sent me the file, Bles her!
      Be good Barbara (if that’s possible!) and speak tomorrow.
      for now,

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