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It Seems . . .

Hailey has raised a very important question about the possibility – or reality – of ‘mind control’ and its potential out-going effects.

First of all Hailey, thank you for the question (a serious one for a change here!) and I will try and answer it to the best of my ability. Having said that, your question is very profound; but I considered it important enough to answer – or try and answer – on a main post . . . .and I was not even planning to do a main Blog post today!

You said:

It seems past due for a question now anyway, and this seems totally unrelated to anything that you wrote about, but I promised I would air some of my questions on your Blog– so, here it goes:
How do systems of control come about? This is a strange question that has been nagging me ever since you know who with the strange faked name began sending me his own counter letters: why do so many groups so vehemently oppose one another? In this, and this is a really crappy way to get a clear answer, how is it that, outside of ego, etc., truth is the most difficult thing to discern in the world? Why are personal agendas so important to people who claim to deal in metaphysics and spiritual entities, etc.? We already covered the ground of daily life and the troubles that pop up there: but how is it that men who work in ways that, in theory, should enlighten them, strive only to control and to contort?”
I think I asked this in a rather poor way– but words are strange tools, I suppose.
On pins and needles,

You know, you seem to be able to ask such profound questions so relatively simply Hailey! I am not ‘knocking’ that (indeed it makes a change from some questions I get here about ‘material matters’) but I will try and answer:

Firstly you asked how ‘such systems of control can come about’? That would be an almost impossible question to answer generally, but you did qualify it somewhat by explaining this was in relation to fake letters from a particular ‘cult’ – or rather individual – that you had received.

Speaking in general, this form of ‘control’ goes on all the time; whether it is from political parties or religious sects, or the result of general advertising, or whatever. I am not evading that point, but you may appreciate to deal with the general question of ‘mind control’ would be an almost impossible task.

I believe in this instance, however, you are referring to a specific example, which makes it somewhat easier. Let me say this, the screeds you received were almost certainly fake. They came from one person only, albeit using an alias as is his ‘status quo’. The person would be totally lost without the use of an alias; which is the only reason he has to employ one (or more precisely, several!).
You are right in observing that the person’s motivations are really ‘control’. That is, control over others whilst hiding his true identity. I happen to know the true identity of this person, Hailey, believe me! As many other people do. His views are simply not genuine, which is the main reason the person never dares to put his own name to them.

But to come back to your question . . . “ How do such systems of control come about?”.

Well, I think I have already answered this by pointing out that such ‘control’ is not always genuine. The reason for it? Well this is almost certainly due to the human ego; you know, that ‘I’ that likes to see itself as being ‘superior’ to everybody else sometimes. Such people have no real support; only that which they ascribe to themselves! I am not evading your question about ‘mind control’, only just answering it to the case in point.

If you really wanted me to go on to matters of the ‘human ego’, well that would be a different matter entirely! But I suspect, you are referring to the correspondence you received, which is why I have referred to its originator accordingly.

For the moment


5 Responses

  1. Hmm-yes David–well Hailey probably isnt daft enough to be impressed with his posturings sadly not everyone is as sensible. Referring to my yesterdays post on the other thread about the book I found, I dont know why I was ever so impressed myself by the strutting little cock turkey–I was explaining to my friend about all the lies that had gone on about me on the message boards, I told her how he had transformed something inncoent–like the famous red dress—into my IMPLYING that someone was a harlot and scarlet woman.and loads of other stuff , like I was a witch and whatnot. She is going to r ead the book again with new eyes. She did write to our Bishop ion the 1990’s –the real one–about his nibs being inordinatelkyvain when we had all that hoo ha, though she said he had helped us as well –which he had—he did write a jolly good letter to milady but got a flea in his ear–like everyone else. Its odd how he finds everyones addresses though dont you think?
    tata barbara

  2. Hi David–I know you dont like links so please scuse this but I am that mad at the Halifax Courier

    If you delete it can you ask people to get in touch for it–its just this sickening cap doffing bunch of local peasants , the Courier has deleted my comments saying that Milady is ruling from the grave but it seems to be the case, if she has set up some kind of dickipoggy consortium for everything to carry on as before.Two local peasants are falling over themselves in the photot with doffing their caps like windmills , for the honour of being allowed to look round– milady is so wonderful blah blah fetch me the sick bag!
    tata barbara

  3. They have deleted most fo my comments in the replies to that stupid article–two local people are going oh thank you ma’am it is so wonderful of you to allow us this rare glimpse of the grave blah blah–I really lost my rag, honestly this is our Eglish heritage and I have ahd over 25 years of this S*** FROM Kirklees–I have just written it up for the conspiracty book I am contributing to, its disgusting!All these isiotic people round here behaving as it is a great bit privelege to eb allowed to go and look at the grave once a year–and pay for it also—talk about ROBBING THE POOR TO PAY FOR THE RICH! The MPs have nothing on this lot! Behaving liek local cap doffing peasants.
    I am still fuming that si is going on”beond the grave.”–methinks a new story si in the making!

  4. For what it’s worth Barbara I totally agree.
    Something of such historical significance shouldn’t be “privately owned” at all but should be given to the nation (or at least English Heritage or something). People having to be all smarmy to the toffs just to get a peek at the grave is just plain wrong. If I lived nearer I would join your protest.

  5. Thanks Alex! I have whizzed my poster all over the place–robbing the poor to give to the rich—today, honestly once that woman had kicked the bucket you would have thought things would improve. It isnt as though she was ever part of the family till she married in–cant put details on here,too dickipoggy, but you would think we were living in feudal times with all this pathetic dosey local folk doffing their caps to the gentry–whoever they reckon to be now at Kirklees, most likely the hangers on—and saying thank you marm for the priveledge of letting us look at OUR NATIONAL HERITAGE once a year for a massive fee–and where does that fee go I wonder, methinks its a bit mp expenses…………..
    grrrrr–its gone on 25 years, well I really arent listening to any more of this malarky!
    tata barbara

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