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The Source Of Evil?

Well, they’ve started work today, so everything is a little ‘upside down’.

Nothing has been lost, anxious people might be pleased to hear!, but many things are in bags or boxes but can pretty easily be re-found. Some of the things I ‘re-found’ are amazing to say the least. Photocopies that people sent me over the years; photographs and letters – God alone knows how many of them – even some with pretty ‘dolphin notepaper’! Anyway, apart from any disruption, everything is ‘still go’. Luckily its warm again or that might have made it a little uncomfortable. Couple of things to get up the road later, not least a couple of beers to help wash down all the dust!

But I’m being serious. There was a question a two days ago from my ‘double’, David, and he asked me this . . . “With you “thanking God” in today’s post this has thrown up a whole raft of questions about your personal “religious” beliefs. I will not ask them in this reply at the risk of upsetting K (I would hate to slow you down on your book). I would be interested though when you get a chance to hear about your outlook on life. Or how your personal philosophy impacts on the world (meaning of course your “neighbours”). Yours DF” I told David this was really such a ‘loaded question’! I guess when you mention the word’ religion’, questions always are. But I’ll try and answer simply: In fact, I do not have any religion, as such. By that I mean I am not a member of any cult of sect and neither do I adhere to the doctrines of the conventional Church – ANY church. Which is not to say (indeed, as I have persistently pointed out) that I am an ‘atheist’ – indeed, I accept the existence of a Divine Principle, or ‘God’, but just refuse to follow ‘man made’ religion as this is so often practiced.

On this matter, I accept that Jesus was certainly one of the most inspired religious teachers mankind has ever known – or is ever likely to know of in this very material world. What I reject is the way His teachings have so often been so misinterpreted by Churches set up, supposedly, with the purpose of following His original Word and teachings. The main message in Christ’s teachings was that of Love – something sadly lacking in this God-forsaken world today, as it has been so in times past. If there was seemingly one thing Jesus hated above all others it was hypocrisy and the false worship of the true Divine Principle, or God. He was often harsh in His condemnation of this; that is, man-made laws and customs which, if anything, only separate men from the Source of all existence. So ‘no’, I can say quite truthfully that I am not – or ever have been – an atheist. I reject materialism in its physical sense and seek only to come to understand the real Cause behind it.

This is put very simply; but I think it sums up my basic ‘outlook on life’ (as you put it.). Many years ago, I passed through – rather studies – many religious Teachings and philosophies. But I was never entrapped by any of these; rather I just saw these as ‘stepping-stones – to something far greater. I still remain totally unfettered by any religious Cults or Sects. I have never been a part of any, nor would I ever be so. I have often been criticized for denying the existence of the devil.

But such criticism has invariably been a misunderstanding of what I meant. I have never denied the existence of evil in this world; only that it has some ‘supreme force’ of ‘intelligence’ governing it. In other words, some ‘powerful outside force’ that ‘organises evil’ and waits for you in a fiery hell if you succumb to ‘its’ temptations. This really is all nonsense. There is no ‘fiery hell’ – or if there is at all, it exists in this material world today, not outside of it. So what is the source of evil? This exists only in the human mind, surely? If you remove the human mind – or thinking – evil simply evaporates, and you will not find any devil. Of course, this can open up other aspects of the subject. For while the devil might not exist, negative human thoughts and emotions definitely do exist; and not only exist can become embedded ‘in the atmosphere’ to influence, or be picked up, by susceptible people.

If you really understood what I meant by these two basic points, it would not really be necessary to explain any more! I really have no philosophy in life other than this. Seek out ‘God’, or that Life which is Divine, and there is really no need to do anything else. Everything then falls into place automatically. Well, I hope I have answered your question. I have tried to anyway!

For the moment, David (Farrant)


10 Responses

  1. Thank you for your candor in answering this question. I am pleased to here of your non-athiest state especially as it comes from a point of personal reasoning.
    “I can say quite truthfully that I am not – or ever have been – an atheist. ”
    “indeed, I accept the existence of a Divine Principle, or ‘God’, but just refuse to follow ‘man made’ religion as this is so often practiced. ”
    “What I reject is the way His teachings have so often been so misinterpreted by Churches”
    I am very much in agreement on your opinions of most organised Religions.
    “I have often been criticized for denying the existence of the devil.”
    I can see how this would incite criticism but you accept evil exists…
    “I have never denied the existence of evil in this world”
    Why people insist on forcing there opinions upon others I know not. I feel the problem exists as you say in the interpretation of the written word.
    How do you know what to believe if all people say they have the truth?
    “Seek out ‘God’, or that Life which is Divine, and there is really no need to do anything else. Everything then falls into place automatically.”
    Very sage advice which I have, and will continue to follow.
    You have very much answered my question and let me into the thought process behind it. How can anyone say you are one thing when you are not, and state it so clearly.
    I believe strongly in God but do not insist other do so. My own philosophy mirrors, I hope, Jesus Christ. Love God, Love your Neighbour.
    I look forward to a continued conversation now on many topics as I feel you are enlightened enough to give and accept opinions without prejudice.

  2. Just to say thank you for your reply David.
    Please do keep posting and I will answer any questions I can. But I am not just here to answer any questions. If you wish to post or explain personal feelings or views, then please do so.
    That does NOT mean I will not discuss further issues with you. I will.
    All I am trying to say is . . . just keep posting!

  3. David, when you lived in the coal cellar, how did you get in and out? The coal hole is very small.

  4. Well, just for your information you daft muddle-headed moggie, it was NOT a coal cellar! It might have been once many years before, but the basement had long-since been converted.
    The entrance was down a ‘normal flight’ of stairs inside the ground-floor flat.
    Lord, give me strength!

  5. But you said you and Chrissie measured the coal hole. If the basement was converted, why was the hole still there? (And how did fat Bonky fit through it?)

    I didn’t say me and Chrissie measured the coal-holw, I said KEV and Chrissie measured it. (This was a good 10 years ago and I believe they wrote up their findings in “Suspended in Dusk”, but have to check that).
    I don’t know if you’re an American or English ‘Cat ghost’, but in England in most houses built before the pre-1960’s virtually every house had a coal-hole in the street for coal deliveries.
    Many of the cellars were parts of the basements of houses.
    After the 1960’s, many of these cellars fell into disuse, but the coal-hole remained. Some were cemented over, but many more just remaned derelict.
    Such was the case with the houses in Archway Road where I stayed temporarily after I’d split with my first wife.
    The coal hole had been cemented around the sides to prevent it from being opened but the caste-iron ‘lid’ was still clearly visible.
    That’s how it was possible to easily measure it.
    Now Cat, if you don’t mind, I’d like to give my brain a rest!

  7. But I have another question. How did you and Bonky avoid National Service? I know conscription ceased in the 1950s but weren’t you lads of military age during that time (or close to it?)

  8. Look you bloody daft animal, I’m not that old! Conscription stopped in 1957 and I was way under 18.
    Bonky was born in 1944 so I guess the small applies to him – although remember, he is much older than myself.

  9. It won’t be long now Matt I can assure you. The only reason it is not ready by now is because building work had to start here (after i won my court case) and that has to be given priority after all these years!
    When the basics have been done (the heavy-duty stuff such as plastering) we will be able to complete the film without any dust or racket! As I said, that’s the only thing that threw it slightly unexpectedly off schedule.
    A precise date I cannot actually give you, but it will be weeks rather than months. I’m hoping it will be sometime in July.
    Somebody also asked about the books (could have been you!). Hopefully (and they are both going well) that should be in about two months. We have already had so many advanced orders and reserves of them (especially “Pact with
    the Devil”) that it gives even more incentive to finish them and get them ‘out there’!
    Thanks Matt and hope that answers your queries.
    For now,

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