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Just A Desire For Clear Sight

Days just seem to be speeding along (no offence “Speedqueen”!) and all of a sudden its Tuesday (well, at least its not a Sunday again yet!).

We are getting closer to April 1st – note any unobservant readers- so look forward to that.

I hear the publishers of the new American book have received the predicted complaint. Didn’t I tell you all in advance though, so that comes as no surprise (plus, they have also already been warned in advance, so are quite acquainted with the usual aliases. (Oh dear! Won’t some people ever learn?!?).

Nearer to home (although we are always ‘near’ with emails, I guess), I hear some of my writings on early Christianity (the doctrines of the early Church as introduced by Rome to the masses very early AD) have caused some interest in ecclesiastical circles. There seems to be little dispute that these relatively ‘new’ doctrines might have overlooked or concealed a deeper hidden meaning contained within the teachings of Jesus; but only an interest in some of my writings that Knowledge predated the Divinity of Jesus by many thousands of years, and did not originate from His existence but was only reflected by it.

However, that matter is really to deep to take precedence here; but it is nice to learn that there is some genuine interest in my writings. Unlike some interest (such as yours Cat!) which just seems geared to the usual material gossip and sensationalism.

So what is new, apart from that?

Well, would you believe it (not that you’d doubt it if you live in London!), its raining again, and looks set in for the week as well. I had to go out fairly early yesterday and still managed to get drenched in the few hours before I returned home. My fault really. I did have umbrella with me but most of the time I just can’t be bothered putting it up! (Statue please note: this was not down to inability, just laziness or a desire for clear sight, that’s all!).

When I got home, I realised my left ankle had swollen up again, so I had to soak it in a bowl of hot water. It just doesn’t like being ‘walked on’! Well, the bloody thing will just have to get used to it.

I’ve got a lot more walking to do yet! Talking of which, I have to go out again later this afternoon. I’ll leave it as long as possible until there’s a break in the rain. Rather should say, if there’s a break in the rain!



17 Responses

  1. Speedqueen, davidis waiting for u. he just said so.
    hurry up and go to his place and sort him out.
    he secretly emailed me and told me he fancies the arse off of u.

  2. Hi Craig,
    I can’t really except to say this is definitely NOT an ‘April Fool’s Day’ joke.
    Shall we just say . . . ‘Its the big one’!
    You’ll just have to wait and see. Sorry to be evasive, but I did say its a closely guarded secret!

  3. Talk about playing with fire, Craig. Rather playing with a fire-ball. She’s already out to discect that Cat. You’ll be next!
    Me? I’m just still innocently waiting!

  4. craig
    although i ride bikes fast i take my time when it comes to men! i know David and i will meet in the near future and im sure he will be a very happy man when he does.unlike most other women i want no more from David than giving him pleasure.
    but if you and that scabby cat keep on i will give you a ride……….straight to my dungeon and introduce you to my cat that has 9 tails!!!!

  5. I really wish you’d deal with both of ‘em, Speedqueen; they have been giving me a bad name (or a worse name if that’s possible!).
    I realise that you don’t know me personally, but I’m really quite an unassuming and considerate person when it comes to women. Its only one or two of these (mainly one!) that has tried to give me a bad name. Your two (future) victims just encourage it. I really think they do need some ‘dungeon treatment’. Teach them some respect for the opposite sex!
    For the moment,
    But only just for the moment,

  6. cat o’9 tails!!!
    kinky leather clad biker babe is offering to do to me what most blokes have to pay for!
    the perks of knowing david farrant!!!
    anyway david i’ve got the mother of all colds. any chance u know some dodgy wives tale remedy that can cure me apart from dosing up with honey lemons oranges paracertamols et etc

  7. “Scabby cat”?? I’ll have the SPCA notified of a cruel, wicked woman threatening cats. Bad enough Gareth whipped me in the Christmas video! I’ll not stand by and see my friend Craig flogged either! Miaow!

  8. Craig, Your cold,
    I’ll have a go at that later for you. I was a ‘white witch’, after all, and I’m fully allowed to do that even now – we tend to ’keep our powers‘, you know!
    As for Speedqueen: I don’t think she wants any monetary payment. I think she’s just after good old fashioned revenge for all your s— stirring. I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes (or Cat’s) when she physically gets hold of both of you!
    THAT is one thing I cannot save you from, I’m afraid!

  9. no no cat its ok mate i’ll be brave and allow speedqueen to teach me about sex in her dungeon.
    by the way, u got something against the R in RSPCA??!
    i no a bloke whos got something for the royals…or at least one person he has wet dreams about. im suprised hehasnt offered to testify at the inquest.
    anyway daivd, what do u think of the royals?
    loads of ghost stories from all the castles and stuff

  10. Being just a humble ‘white witch’, I would have had to refuse the honour.
    But its nice to know I’m thought about in high places – even with all the superfluous scandal surrounding my name!
    For now,

  11. Yes, we could have that bloke who Craig talks about, testifying at the inquest for the late person whom he fancied the pants off. That’d make the thing even more of a farce, especially when he draws on his ‘exceptional knowledge.’
    Yeah….bring it on! Paul Burrell in a cassock!

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