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Back To The Future

Well its good writing every other day, gives me an extra little break and more time to write the book (which is not far from finished now incidentally).

Better still, th,e next day falls on a Saturday, so I can avoid upsetting anybody on a Sunday! (You know how ‘ultra sensitive’ same people can be, and think I’m writing about them personally. I‘m not, of course, but some people appear to be plagued with a guilty conscience!).

Now, as apparent from one or two replies here, the old speculation about me ‘getting married’ seems to be breaking out again. The answer is the same as before . . . MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!! This is not intended for most people here, as I know most of you are kind and gentle people. But there are one or two most anti-Christian demons’ running around who would like any opportunity to twist or distort my personal life. Indeed, telling blatant lies about it. So while this might remain perfectly fair question, I cannot possibly risk answering it in public for this very reason.

Some of you may recall, that I only mentioned my ‘girl with no name’ not so long back, and the response from one of these ‘demons’ (not here but elsewhere) was to threaten to tell her ‘what I was really like’. Would that they could possibly find her; but that is not the point: it was the INTENTION to do so that betrayed their true colours.

Whilst I have long been used to criticism (well, as an esoteric author I could only expect this really), I have always been able tp ‘shrug this off’. But this does not mean that I would allow potential venom to spread to other innocent people. So because of this I must leave the question unanswered, and people like Cat and Craig must just be left to ‘wallow’ in their speculation!

Let me say this much though: I cannot see why people think that marriage must be so important. Surely it is not a condition of love. You can love somebody whether or not you are married to them, surely? And before any ‘wise guy’ starts asking me if I am in love with anybody; the answer is still the same. You can’t get round it that way! The answer is as before . . Not for discussion here!

Now, where were we? Yes. That’s right. ‘Back to the Future’!

Off that subject. Do you know its actually stopped raining today (in London). I took the opportunity to walk around a bit and I found another pair of reading glasses. I do not think the computer is doing my eyes too much good, although my eyesight is perfect at long distance. The problem is, I am (was) forever mislaying my glasses and I’d waste valuable time trying to remember where I’d left them. Now hopefully, the problem ‘cause with a spare pair I can just carry on working and fine the others at my leisure!

Well, that’s about it for today everyone. Replies answered all the time as usual; but that’s all here now until Saturday.

For the moment,


7 responses

  1. Hello David,
    You are right – your personal life is nobody else’s business. If you decide to re-marry then it is your choice. I happen to agree with you in that a marriage does not imply love: it can imply all sorts of things other than love.
    Good luck to you and your ‘girl without a name.’

  2. My first maggiage officially ended when I was divorced while I was in prison in 1975. No ‘standing by your man’ here!
    In contrast, I am still on good terms with my 2nd wife. In fact, we still used to meet and go out to dinner even after she divorced me in 1983!
    Think it got a lot to do with just being able to accept someone as they are!

  3. What is all this talk of Farrant getting married?
    Craig and I demand full body photographs, birth records, and polygraph tests be posted of the “candidate” before we approve any “marriage”!

  4. In different countries, the laws relating to marriage vary. In the United States, for example, a certificate will typically say that a couple have been united according to “the Laws of God and the ordinances of the State of Louisiana”, these things being taken as on a par. In Britain, however, the vital point is solely that the oath should be sworn in public, so that anyone who has any legal objection to it may be able to state it then and there. David Farrant has already declared that his two previous marriages were legally dissolved, the first of them whilst he was in prison at Blunderstone, whence he was taken two hundred miles in handcuffs to the divorce court (at Winchester), and then after that taken back to Blunderstone, again in handcuffs, but a free man! His second marriage, affirmed in 1979, was dissolved amicably in 1983. These dissolutions mean that no-one has any reason to challenge his eligibility, so these comments made by the Cat may be ignored.
    Gareth J. Medway

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