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Limited Intelligence

I’m not very good on a computer (OK on the word processing side though), so it may come as little surprise that I actually couldn’t remember how to ‘de-frag’ it this morning.

I got there in the end. I guess its because my mind has always been more ‘free thinking’ than technical. I much prefer to release my minds (consciousness) into ‘depths unknown’, rather than allow into to become entrapped inside a ‘box’ – however technically advanced in ‘wonders’ it might happen to be. That’s why I hardly ever watch television either. In fact, I haven’t even got one at the moment; and even when I did, I only used to switch it one occasionally to watch the news.

Gareth came over last night and I let him a weeks posts from here, there and all over the place. (He hasn’t even got a computer). When he saw the reply here from Cat about marriage, he unexpectedly said . . . “I’d like to answer that”. “Go ahead”, I said, but please remember not to put anything too personal”. (About myself).

He typed away and then said ; “I’d better read it out, as I’ve mentioned your divorce”.
He did, but I told him not to worry and that that didn’t matter because it was all in the past. Anyway, I think the way he wrote it was really quite funny.

He was about to get up off my chair but I said ‘stay there because while your typing, I’d like you to take something down for me’. This was a long ‘mental memo’ and it was easier to dictate it than having to worry about the typing. That was finished quite quickly,. As he can type almost as quickly as you can speak.

Actually, he’d make quite a good secretary. Only problem is, he’s the wrong sex; but then, I guess that makes it easier to concentrate on just the writing! Talking of which, I am in the process of selecting a load of old photographs to illustrate the new edition of my autobiography. It is a combination of the last two autobiographical books Shadows in the Night and Dark Secrets (which I have already explained) and really calls for pics. (early pics.) from the sixties and seventies. I am especially anxious to select some from my travels in Italy, France and Spain in 1966 as so much of the text is about these (especially in “Shadows”). It’s a pity I never had a camera with me when Chantelle and myself had our ‘picnic’ in the French barn! She really was a beautiful girl and would have taken a lovely picture.

Hopefully, somebody I know will be installing another programme shortly, which means I will be intermingle photographs with the text pages. Otherwise, they will all just have to go in the middle.

Well, it is my birthday sometime next week. As it falls on a Blog day here, might actually disclose the date then – but NOT the year. Anyway, there is no need to as you all know it anyway. If I am ‘seventy’ now, that would make me 71 surely – at least by that misguided sense of reasoning! Its known as limited intelligence – and I would add the word ‘very’ to that!

Well, things to do in another day – or what’s left of it.


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  1. Hello David,
    Maybe it would be better if Gareth were your secretary; it’d be a lot less hassle!

  2. Can’t you advertize for an apprentice? Preferably you an select from candidates at a local girls school or secretarial college, a perky young thing to do your typing, tidy up the flat, and massage your ailing appendage (of course I mean your LEG, you silly sod!).

  3. at first i thought htis post was gonna be a dig at my IQ!! lol
    David is the new book going to have a similar title? Shadows of the secrets? dark of the night? you know a sort of mixed up title “Beyond the dark of the shadow journeys”

  4. You mean my FOOT, you silly animal!
    Well, the other alternative is to get married again, I suppose. “In sickness and in Health”, and all that!
    For the moment,

  5. i dunno about ur new book but i’m gonna rename ur last blog entry as “(hessian) sack to the future”

  6. Hi Craig,
    You haven’t asked me about women, or getting married! Amazing. You must be slipping from getting me to admit to ‘scandal’!
    Yes. The new book is going to have a new title. And guess what? Its already been agreed by others and myself.
    No! Its too early to give that away here, other than to say it will have my name in it!
    (Well, how could you really keep my name out of the whole Highgate case, I suppose!?).

  7. There will be NO more ‘Hessian Sacks’, you two.
    I have learned, that while beauty can also appear to be inward, even that can turn out to be very ugly.
    For the moment,

  8. -“hessian was ugly inside and out ”
    Oh I disagree Craig. In earlier times before the weight gain (such as in the ‘pentagram necklace’ photo) I believe they had potential to be at least passably attractive if David had someone tutor them on makeup, fashion, posture, etc.

  9. None of those things would work.
    Only some real awareness finding its way through an evil consciousness, could possibly do it. That is very unlikely as any love has long since become submegred in the denseness.

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