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‘Ghosts’ Watch Out!

I actually got up at 9 this morning because I had to be somewhere for 10. Considering I didn’t get to bed much before 5, that’s not bad going.

Anyway, I’m not in the least bit tired now. I’m funny with sleep. I get about the same as most people (though often less); I just use different times to take it in!
As well as that, its decidedly warmer now, which makes me more active. Do you know, it has often occurred to me (it first did long ago) that all the great spiritual teachers and leaders from the Buddha to Jesus, and the modern day ones have all been spiritually enlightened in warm countries. Hardly any from cold climates – well, to be honest, I can’t think of any! I can think of a load of fake ones; but that isn’t what I’m seriously talking about.

I can’t remember if I already mentioned it here (if I did it doesn’t really matter) but in September, a group of us (7 to be precise) are heading to Cornwall for a few days to do some ‘ghost investigations’. Some might need permission being sought beforehand; which is one reason why we are scheduling it so far ahead (another is to secure the least expensive accommodation). It is being organised by my friend Patsy (note NOT my girlfriend to avert any further malicious gossip!) but it is really by invitation only. This is not to say, other interested people could not go by arrangement, but they would have to be responsible for their own transport, expenses and accommodation If this should be the case, they would of course be welcome to join us on the investigations.

Gareth, Patsy and myself are obviously going, but I won’t release the rest of the names at the moment. Looking ahead, I am hoping that some of the people will write up their experiences here; for which purpose I would give them my main Blog to do so. It should prove an interesting few days; especially as we plan to do some filming (some at night) there as well. ‘Ghosts’ watch out!

What else is news. Quite a lot really taking into account some interesting telephone conversations I’ve had fairly recently about the Highgate ‘vampire’ case and other related things. But being the gentleman that I am, I am afraid I am unable to divulge things said to me in confidence here! I shall be dealing with more up to date events relating to that case in my book, so you’ll just have to wait for the book! Actually, it really won’t be long until that comes out.

So, there’s not a lot else left to say today.

See you all Wednesday (barring any replies) and I might even make a startling revelation about my age then! But you’ll have to wait and see!

For the moment though,


11 responses

  1. 7?
    …any chance of making that 8!!!
    i’ll bring the booze and we can all get slaughtered on a ghost hunt.
    think about it mate we’ll all b able to write up about spirits and stuff! jack daniels…whisky
    i’ll make the trip real lively and u wont get bored!
    who r the others? does one of them wear a t cosey? does one wear a sack?
    is cat invited?

  2. amateur ‘hangers on’???
    i though u meant me for a minute but now i see that u mean cat.
    i agree. its best if hes left in his basket under several blankets
    i shall go an be on my best behaviour and show that i am a top notch bloke who will not run screaming like a girl when he sees a ghost!

  3. OK Craig. I heard you!
    Look. I hate to say this (or rather disappoint you) but this is going to be a serious trip to the West Country to look into ‘ghost cases’, that’s all. No ‘Hessian Sacks’ or ‘Tea Pot Cosy’s’ will be invited or allowed!
    Neither will you, if you carry on like that!
    I can appreciate that a ‘joke is a joke’, but you are really taking this subject too far. By that I mean your allusions to amateur ‘hangers on’ who have no serious part in any of this, and who are really of no relevance.
    Sure, we might all enjoy a meal and a glass of wine or so before setting out on any nightly vigil; but cranks are strictly excluded!
    I am not suggesting that you, yourself, are a ‘crank’, Craig (in fact I know you mean well); but I would ask you to take the subject a little more seriously.
    Then – and only then – could you possibly be invited!
    For the moment,

  4. Craig, I think you missed the essential point: Farrant has made plans to stay over night in a secluded bed and breakfast inn with some woman named Patsy!
    Can you say “spirits rising”?

  5. well spotted cat!
    garteh, patsy and david…plus if my calculations are correct 4 others.
    sack, babs, bish, mrs bish!!!
    what a weekend!
    it’d be like one of those carry on films!
    i think its safer if we stay away fom it…and sell the story to the news of the world!

  6. Banned? No matter.
    FRIDAY I am leaving for an extended journey with John Baldry. It is some type of ‘blues concert tour’ of Cat Heaven and People Heaven. It will last several weeks or more.
    So, no longer shall you be troubled by my errant miaowings here! (well, perhaps on occasion)
    My advice for you, David….try to avoid the nick, keep your foot dry, and above all, CHERCHEZ LA FEMME!

  7. Craig, I will be back to haunt Farrant, I assure you! And if he tries to ‘sacrifice’ you, just scarper. He cannot chase you with his gammy leg, so “no worries, mate”!

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