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The Raven

Well, its Sunday again; what a day to fall on my new schedule for writing every 2 days instead of 1!

I know all eyes are probably on this now ‘cause of the day, but that point is really academic now as it as been officially decided that my posts are not ‘anti religious’!
As a matter of interest, I also gave direction for this Blog to potentially interested ‘Church authorities’ inviting them to comment if it was considered any of my ‘religious observations’ were ‘offensive’ to any Church or religious denomination in any way. So far (this was in August last and mid-November), I have heard nothing. At least not from them. In fact, I haven’t heard from anyone else either, with the exception of one immature female who seems to think I am even interested in them!

Its strange you know what human nature can be like. But the problem is always the human mind. By that I mean that wherever people go (including into Churches) they take that same human mind with them. Surely then the problem can never lie with God; it can only lie with a particular state of mind that might claim to be worshipping God.

Anyway, I’ll come off that now, or I’ll only ‘get into trouble’ with one of my moderators. She means well, bless her! And I know she loves me really! She’s only concerned that certain people seem hell bent on ‘distorting’ my name as a writer.

Well, that’s been attempted for so many years now, but it has never really succeeded. My fault in a way really. My subject of ‘ghosts’ and paranormal phenomena, is not one that exactly discourages controversy!

So, what else is new? Nothing really! There couldn’t really be much on a Sunday anyway. Everything just seems to shut down and people just seem to remain in some ‘lethargic sleep’.

I must say though, I was highly amused by Cat and his continuation of the Edgar Allan Poem, “The Raven”. To be honest, I didn’t know the stupid animal knew anything about poetry. All he seems to be interested in usually is trying to convert my Blog into some ‘sex site’! So it did come as a surprise to see that the creature actually has some taste!

Well, having had a welcome 25 minute break, I suppose I better get back to the book again. I’m on an especially interesting part now. Might do a separate sub chapter for it headed the “Judas Plot” – or something like. Certainly nothing at all Christian about the actions of this particular character!

See you Tuesday folks. Though I expect I’ll have more replies to do in the interim.

For the moment,


8 Responses

  1. Cat!!!
    oi it was me that made the most changes!
    why does cat get the glory and i get the clever pills!
    i’m buying a dog. a big nasty doberman.
    speaking of dogs i liked ur heassian face comment dave.

  2. My humble apologies, Craig. I do realise that your genius was behind “The Raven” as well.
    Nice to see you both have some sense of humour anyway – a rare thing nowadays!

  3. Craig, didn’t you know cats like poetry? We do not like dogs, however.
    Speaking of dogs, I saw this photo and wonder if anyone can identify the dog(s).

    When I saw your post saying you didn’t like dogs (OK fine) and asking for help to identify some species of dog (fine again . . . so far), I released your link trusting you to be the good Cat that you are (not).
    When I clicked on the link a little later, however, as the result of a phone call, it nearly gave me heart seizure! There was a dog in the picture, yes, but it clearly showed two people walking it and I must presume the photo was not your copyright. Even if it was, visual links such as that are NOT appreciated.
    Thanks for that K. In future I will click any links beforehand as you say.
    Consider yourself ‘told’, Cat. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of K, I assure you. She can be much worse than Speedqueen!

  5. There may be hope for you yet, you wicked beast!
    Actually, if my memory serves me correctly, the actual Beatitude says . . . “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy”.
    Another one says . . . “Blessed are you, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake”.
    I am not suggesting the latter relates to you (you are beyond help!) but it sure applies to the sayings of ‘men’ elsewhere, does it not?
    I am not ,preaching religion; but I’ll have you know that while I came bottom of the class (quite literally) in Maths, algebra and geometry ay school, I came ‘top of the class’ in Scripture. Seriously, it was of my favourite subjects – if not the only one!
    For the moment,

  6. Bible-quotes? Will wonders never cease!
    Perhaps you envision yourself as a cheescloth robed ‘holy man’? Craig and I are convinced you lead a double life as a shag-a-delic “Austin Powers” swinger. Or in the very least, Lovejoy trysting in his cottage.

  7. Okay. But being interested in life, history and religion (religions) is one thing; but I have never ‘hidden’ behind religion to try and justify my life-style.
    If there is one thing I cannot abide, it is hyporcrisy – especially religious hyporcrisy.
    I have never pretened to be an angel!
    But I just cannot tolerate pious claims from people who claim they have ‘found religion’, while attempting to hide behind this as an excuse to harm others.
    It happens, Cat. It really happens!
    I have said frequently how evil will so often parade under the guise of ‘good’.
    I may not be an angel, as I said. But at least I like to think I do not try and pretend to be other than what I am.
    Never lie, is really my motto. Just hold to the truth, and you can never really go far wrong!

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