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Sleep Tight, Sweetheart!

Sunday again. Day of rest. For once I agree with that as its stopped all the mess of the builders!

And its given me a bit more peace for writing . . . and thinking of course as the two really go hand in hand.

Got a little mouse living in the kitchen somewhere behind the wall. I half suspected I had ‘company’ a couple of months when I heard scratchings and slight noises in the night. Nothing dramatic, just ‘rustling sounds’ mainly. Didn’t take too much notice of it as I knew many old buildings have mice (hence the term ‘house mouse’). It certainly didn’t worry me as I used to keep and breed mice as a child. They were ‘tame’ mice admittedly, and I remember all the different shades of colours you could get by putting pairs together. But I digress. Then one morning about a month ago, I found a loaf of new sliced bread I had left on a shelf with an ‘eaten hole’ about a quarter of the way through. And there were a few ‘calling cards’ near it.. Well, it was obvious it was getting ‘bolder’, which was slightly worrying. I didn’t mind the bread, but I was well aware that mice have a habit of eating or chewing paper.

Now I have so many boxes of packed documents at the moment, and I didn’t want these to be invaded by the ‘little creature’, so I resolved to keep a close eye on them. (It would be tragic in I found any original letters had been ‘chewn through’, for example). But I resolved to leave it out some old bread crusts, just in case it had other ideas in mind! So far, its just been eating them, which really harms nobody. Or didn’t, until about a week ago . . . It was one afternoon, and I’d come into the kitchen for something or the other. And what did I hear? The sound of multiple squeaking, only faint but very distinct. It didn’t take too much deduction to realize it had built a nest and had a litter hidden away behind the wall. No wonder it had been so hungry! Anyway, as long as they stick to their ‘bread diet’, I don’t really care. If they invade any of my paperwork, I will seriously have to consider getting another cat, although there were no mice around when I had the last one.

I spoke to Colette for quite a long time the other night; or should I say very early morning. She is still in eastern Australia but I really couldn’t remember the time difference. I know now. Its about 10 hours. I was phoning about 4 a.m. in the morning so as it turned out, this wasn’t so bad! Colette was my second wife for the sake of anybody interested! She sounded a little depressed, but when I brought her up to date on a couple of things (I haven’t spoken to her since early last year) it seemed to cheer her up no end. “I thought I had problems”, she said, “But compared to me its seems you’ve been to hell and back”! In fact, I hadn’t really I had to tell her. And the ‘good Lord’ had delivered me safely through all the lies and deceit.

Well, I realized it was a little too late to phone anybody else then (in England, I mean), so I think then I decided to go to bed. It was nice to learn she was OK anyway – hopefully that I even cheered her up a little! Anyway, here is my Blog post for today which gives a couple of more days. So, as you can see K. I am heeding your advice, and trying! Sleep tight sweetheart, by the way.

For the moment everyone, David


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  1. Dear David
    I hope the building work goes smoothly, the disruption caused by that kind of thing is awful.
    On your previous post I asked about DFTVX, I look forward to the new episode. I’d like to reserve copies of your new books, I’ll send you my details via the contact form on your web page, I think you have my new address, but I’ll send the details anyway.
    Regards Matt

  2. -” I will seriously have to consider getting another cat, although there were no mice around when I had the last one.”
    At last! You have come to your senses, Farrant!

  3. Thanks Matt,
    Yes I do have your new address, I wrote it straight into my physical address book. I did this deliberately because if I put things aside on pieces of paper, they tend to get misplaced after a while – especially at the moment. Having said that, I’ve sorted though loads of boxes at the moment and come across things I really needed.
    I’ll put that other publication in the post to you as well soon.
    Hope every is okay. For the moment,

  4. Oh dear David!!! Please do something about the mice or they will chew all the paper you have anywhere.
    They chew paper for nests not food. By feeding them you are encouraging them to breed.
    the reason you don’t see mice when you have a cat is because they do a good job.
    Both my cats died last summer and the mice moved in within the week.
    I hope you have more success than I have so far.

  5. Thanks David,
    I don’t actually leave dishes of food out to encourage them! When the ‘little beast’ demolished half the loaf of bread, I just threw it in the bin so if it liked it could finish it from there.
    When I was younger – much younger – I kept dozens of mice in cages. They were really tame.
    We lived in a large Victorian house in Hightgate and I remember once we were invaded by several wild mice that in turn invaded the pantry at night. My mother said they had probably been encouraged into the house by the one’s in cages. She didn’t mnd too much but I remember my father went mad saying they were vermin. He insisted that she leave traps out for them, and I used to sneak into the kitchen at night and ‘spring’ these. He never really knew the difference as my mother told him the traps had killed them. They hadn’t. And she knew who was responsible!
    She did persuade me, however, that I’d have to move the cages into the summer house in the garden.
    I think that worked as most of the wild mice seemed to go after that.
    Its not quite the same thing, I know, but they really don’t worry me too much; as long as they keep away from my papers!
    Thanks for your posts David,
    For the moment,
    (The other) David

  6. Farrant: regarding your schoolboy days, what was your “best” subject, and your “worst” subject?

  7. Dear David
    I’m sure that I read somewhere that you stood as a candidate in a local election, and that amongst the various objectives in your manifesto was the re-introduction of pounds, shillings and pence. Is this correct, if so I think that was marvellous.
    Regards Matt

  8. Thanks Matt,
    I get back to you here just a little later on that. Its a good question in view of the way the whole thing was so deliberately distorted.
    But first, just let me answer that stuoid Cat!
    For Stupid Cat,
    This may come as no surprise to you Cat, but I came top of the class in Scripture and RE (Religious Instruction). This is not a joke, it is really true.
    I hated maths, algerba and geometry (I viewed these as all equally bad) and subsequently I came bottom of the list for these, much to the concern of my father I should add.
    I notice that for once you’ve left sex out of it; you can’t be feeling your usual self today!
    For the moment,

    PS Please let me have your new email address. The one I had before was just returned.
    I just emailed you to say that the mag. is on its wasy.
    Thanks Matt

  10. David,
    Did they have “sex education” in your school? (How did you score?) If not, from whom did you learn about “the facts of life”?

  11. “David,
    Did they have “sex education” in your school? (How did you score?) If not, from whom did you learn about “the facts of life”?
    No they DIDN’T you sex-mad animal!
    You’ve got to remember this was in 1960 when sex before marriage was really frowned upon. I mean REALLY!
    Me? I just learnt naturally. And perhaps ironically it was through ‘natural means’ whilst at the same school and not in the classroom! Apart from refusing to get my hair cut, that’s just one other reason I got expelled.
    I was only 15 but I really didn’t care. There was a big wide-world waiting!

  12. “I was only 15 but I really didn’t care. There was a big wide-world waiting!”
    thats when u first went to spain isn’t it?
    i can’t imagine a 15yr old going to spain on there own in these days!
    how are the new books coming along?

  13. Yes. that’s when I first headed for Spain Craig. I left school at 15 and just wanted to get away from it all.
    I ended up in Marseilles first of all, virtually penniless (or ‘freankless’) and took a job in a street market. Slept on the beach under a pier and had to be up around 5 in the morning!
    Next, I took a job in a ‘ladies of the night’ restaurant not far from the sea-front. It was hard work but accomadation and food were provided.
    I ended up in Sicily, and was working in another live-in hotel in Torremonena. I remember there were a lot of local girls working there for a pittance, but being strictly Catholics (AND 1961) it certainly wouldn’t have suited you!
    Books are flying ahead. I have had several advance ‘reserves’ but there is no need really because both of them will be printed ‘in bulk’.
    Think I said it before, but glad you enjoyed your recent holiday to the now ‘somewhat commercialised’ Spain.
    Keep posting and I will answer if I can. But that still remains a big ‘IF’!
    For the moment,

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