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Jailhouse Block

I am getting a little lazy and its no use trying to kid myself otherwise! I admit that I have a good excuse at the moment with all this physical work and disruption going on; but its no excuse for me really by my usual standards.

You know, in 1974 I began a 2 year 8 months prison sentence for offences I did not commit connected with ‘witchcraft’ and the occult. That is another story, but it remains the truth. (I may bought much of the trouble on myself by my very life-style but I did not commit the actual offences themselves). The point is that while I was in prison, I determined to set the record straight and try and write a book. Let me re-phrase that: I DID write a book! The word ‘try’ is really still applicable because it was not without much difficulty. At first I tried to do it officially and I asked for permission. ‘Yes’, the governor told me. “You can write a book but if its about conditions in prison or your continued attempts to dispute the Trial verdicts, it must be handed in here then sent to the Home Office for approval”.

Well, I was not having that! In fact, it made me determined to include all the facts, including the active interest many of the inmates had in the occult and ‘witchcraft’ and my case in particular). But it was not easy. All letters, including solicitor’s letters (although I was later to bring about a change in UK law here) were censored and I simply could not have said what I intended to say. So I was left to do it the hard – if not ‘dangerous’ – way. The priority was to get the material outside of prison, but luckily I had two or three regular girlfriends still visiting me, so that was comparatively easy. But I put much of the material in coded letters which went out officially; right ‘under their noses’, so to speak. I simply told the people concerned to carefully keep the letters and I would re-copy them later. It did not take the authorities to realize what I was up to and subsequently they kept moving me from prison to prison to make life more difficult. (In all I ended up in seven different prisons!).

But it didn’t make any difference. For what the authorities failed to realize was, was that I had many sympathisers in prison, and may of these had visitors! In fact, to digress slightly, this reminds me of a somewhat amusing story: For whilst writing the book I was also writing unofficial letters to try and prove my innocence. One of these was to the late prime minister Sir Harold Wilson. His then secretary Marcia Williams wrote back to me at the prison saying the prime minister was concerned about all the difficulties I was having with my case (I had explained that three police officers had committed perjury and should be prosecuted for attempting to pervert the course of justice) and would be looking into the matter. Well, they ‘went mad’! I was called up by the governor and asked how I had sent the letter. Of course, I didn’t tell them but asked him if he intended to reply to the letter officially. He was forced to agree, and I did. And he allowed the letter which contained heavy criticism of the Court and the police illegalities.

Now, here is the ‘funny’ part! Around the same time I also smuggled out a letter to Penthouse magazine containing an article about sex magic. They didn’t use the article but rather foolishly sent the letter and the article back addressed to myself at the prison. Well, I was called up again (the letter and my article were on his desk) and he wanted to confirm that the handwriting were my own. Of course they were, I told him. It was my article! No exceptions were made here. No ‘prime minister treatment’. The article was confiscated and I lost 2 weeks remission! and 1 week ‘down the block’ (Times surely don’t change!).

The whole point is, is that if I could write an entire book under those conditions, I can surely finish my current two with comparatively minor disruption here. So don’t worry K. I am getting on with it! Matt asked me a question the other day about my ‘Wicca Workers Party” (when I attempted to stand as an MP in the general election in 1978). I think this question is quite important and really deserves more than a limited reply. I therefore intend to address it in my next Blog here.

To the lady (Deirdrie I believe it was) with the query about ley lines; I did allow this but cannot reply because – to be honest – I can’t recall how far back it was. Please ask your question again in a reply to a more recent Blog, and I will answer it.

Now. Off to get a couple of things up the road (nearly out of cigarettes) and back to work on the books!

For the moment, David


2 responses

  1. Dear David
    It’s funny that you should mention Harold Wilson and Marcia Williams, I’m reading a book about Wilson at the moment, both he and Marcia Williams seemed convinced that MII5 were plotting against them. Look forward to hearing about the WWP!
    Regards Matt

  2. – “I had two or three regular girlfriends visiting me……I smuggled out a letter to Penthouse magazine containing an article about sex magic”
    Sounds like prison hardly slowed you down at all!

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