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But People Still Dream . . .

Well, Midsummer has passed; they call it the Summer Solstice for the benefit of those who might not know!

Gareth came over tonight with a rather beautiful lady – but I will say no more about that, at the moment. Except that he was busy last Friday with preparations for 21st, so made it tonight instead.

And I am trying to keep my promise to K . . . That is just keep posting! She is really a forceful lady (all grown up now) and seems to have – to some extent – bought me into realization with her own concepts of reality. She can never ‘change’ me (and she knows that) but she has made me think a little about the dangers of ignoring the material world – and the people in it.. There are some hateful people out there (as she keeps saying) just don’t be ‘too forgiving’. Its only people that can attempt to ‘destroy you’, it is never ‘God’.

Well, I feel she is right there! The only harm done to others (sometimes) comes very real human beings – ‘God’ has nothing to do with it.. (Although some particularly deluded people might imagine He has).. Yes. I agree with her. The problem always lies with human beings. It never lies beyond that. ‘Evil’, as such, only exists in the human world – never outside of it. Try to be aware of evil without the human mind to be aware of it, and you will find that it just cannot exist – at least, no more than a human dream or any other human concept can. Evil may be a reality in the human scene (which it is), but outside of that, it has no power or reality. Only the human mind can give strength to, or nurture ‘evil’; God certainly does not. But people still dream . . .

Well, the mouse (or mice) are still here. Living in their own little world no doubt; impervious to the human thoughts going on all around them.

For the moment, David


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