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‘For The ‘UK’s Number 1 Vampire Hunter’ With Love ‘

A bit of a deviation in today’s Blog.

The following video was sent to me by one of my Romanian fans (her words not mine!) – Dana Jucan.  Dana and I have been in postal correspondence for several years, and I understand that she is also in written communication with many well known people in the field of vampire research. Among her correspondents is a Dutch friend of mine who shot some footage of myself on a tour of Highgate Cemetery which I agreed to go on some years back. Dana asked me if she could use this footage to make a video for Youtube to which I consented, and on Saturday morning a CD with the film on arrived in the post with an accompanying letter in Dana’s distinctive handwriting. It seems that Dana feels that she cannot upload the video in her own country because it will be deemed ‘politically incorrect’ – and so she asked me to publish it here.

Well I have to be honest, and say that I do not agree with most of the sentiments in Dana’s video – at least, they do not mirror my own beliefs about ‘blood sucking vampires’. But Dana seems quite sincere in her belief about these creatures, and although I have tried to explain that my own role in the Highgate ‘vampire’ case did not involve ‘tracking down’ or ‘staking’ any undead ‘vampires’, it seems that in Europe I cannot shake the tag of the ‘UK’s Number 1 Vampire Hunter’.

But I do not wish to disappoint a fan, so here is your video Dana – enjoy! Although I can’t promise to make it over to Romania just yet – not until it warms up anyway!

And to everyone else – please be kind to Dana’s video, as it was a sweet thought.

P.S. – I must say Dana if you can see this that I did not know who Greta Schroeder was until you explained in your letter that she is the actress playing ‘Mina’ in the scenes from ‘Nosferatu’. And yes you do look quite a bit like her, but I hope you don’t wear that much make up everyday sweetheart! You don’t need it. For now, David


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