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The Long Awaited Film “Tulpa”

I am pleased to announce that the long awaited film “Tulpa” on the Highgate Vampire case and my major part in it in the 1970’s, has now been completed.

Filmed by the Sycamore Brothers, Max and Bart, and based significantly on my autobiography “David Farrant – In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire” released in 2009,  this 8-part docu –drama shows exclusive scenes from my childhood and later travels around Europe in the 1960s,  including my introduction to the mystical religion in 1963.

It goes on to deal with my investigation into the infamous Highgate ‘vampire’ case of the 1970s,  and conflicts with the police and courts which this entailed.  It also records interviews with witnesses involved in the original investigation and demonstrates the way the tabloid press and television influenced public opinion (or inflated this) about the practices of Wicca, Satanism and black magic.

The film tries to condense all these attributes that are connected  with the paranormal and psychic research, but at the same time,  attempts to portray these from a ‘human point of view’ as opposed to general misinterpretation and media sensationalism.

I was especially interested in the way Max and his brother reconstructed scenes relating to the Highgate vampire episode; especially scenes where ‘I’ was arrested   in Highgate Cemetery in 1970 for ‘hunting a vampire’.

Jamie Sims played the arresting officer; Sean Howard the DS/C who interrogated  me at the police station, and Nicholas Wood the ‘unfortunate person’ (i.e. myself) said to be ‘hunting a vampire’.
Patsy Langley, author of  “The Highgate Vampire Casebook”, made a convincing interviewee on the film giving her expertise on the BPOS investigation; as did Gareth Medway, an author who exposed the activities of alleged ‘Satanists’ in his best selling book “Lure of the Sinister”.  The 1960s ‘Witchcraft craze’ was also referred to in the film, in conjunction with the tendency that some people exhibited in trying to exploit this for their own ends.

Hope you enjoy Part 1 and screencaps from the forthcoming webisodes below.

That’s all for now everyone,
David (Farrant)

© Max and Bart Sycamore 2013


© Max and Bart Sycamore 2013


© Max and Bart Sycamore 2013

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