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Farrant’s Goose will be Cooked for Christmas

Well, we seem to be getting closer and closer to the ‘dreaded Christmas period!’.  Please don’t get me wrong.  I am not just ‘anti-Christmas’ in any religious sense – just the material or secular sense into which this has been turned into.

A period of mass commercialism and profit,  gaudy advertising which now starts some three months before it is even due; crowds of people bustling on pavements and queuing in shops, and, everywhere you look, an ‘atmosphere’ which you are forced to breathe that is charged with some sort of ‘Christmas spirit’!  There is no escaping it, it is almost ‘hypnotic’ – well, for most people anyway.  Even sitting indoors, we are swamped with it!  Via the Internet and television (I am lucky, at least as I don’t have a television), or Christmas cards from people you hardly know, or at least, you only ever hear from  approaching the ‘dreaded dat

Della wanted to get a Christmas tree this year.  I said ‘no’.  She promptly reported me to friends and acquaintances on the Internet (only in fun, I should add!) and I was immediately accused of being a ‘scrooge’ for my trouble (as no doubt I might be here!)… She seemed confused as we had had Christmas perks and decorations here some two years ago.  By ‘perks’ I mean’ mince pies, champagne, Xmas lights flickering around the room; cards displayed on shelves, and other silly decorations and tinsel.

“We had them before”, she argued, “So why not again this year?”.

“Because those were just for a ‘Christmas Special film”, I countered.  “It was only necessary for that film – they were props . . . it had to look authentic!”.

That was really a lethal thing to say because – being a Catholic – Della had become used to all the usual Christmas trappings, and she seemed genuinely concerned  at me trying to explain that I simply didn’t want any around me!  I felt a bit mean then.  I have never intended  to mock peoples’ genuine sense of joy during the period,  but I was a bit ‘trapped’ into explaining why!  Without otherwise hurting someone’s feelings, that is.

So, there are still two weeks left, and already, I have half given-in.  But I’ll definitely put my foot down if it comes to purchasing one of those mass slaughtered turkeys!  I don’t mind going back in time (Victorian time, I mean) when a goose was the standard traditional delicacy,  and if she could find one of them,  be nice to try that out for a change!  I shouldn’t relay have said that, as knowing her, she probably will!  Then I’ll have no choice but to eat it!  Then people could honestly say . . .  “Farrant’s Goose Will Be Cooked For Christmas!”

On to less ‘Christmassy news’ now,  I am pleased to announce that my friend, Gareth Davies, that prolific radio presenter from “Mindset Central” based in Los Angeles, has just released an interview with myself about my involvement in the Highgate case which grasped world headlines at fever-pitch throughout the 1970’s (and beyond).

The interview itself was very relaxed and informal (at least I like to think!), and did touch on the Highgate ‘vampire’ craze which was also exploited by the media in the 70’s.  But to save me summarizing it here,  it is on episode 76 on Mindset Central’s Para Talk so go enjoy the whole thing.

I like talking with Gareth.   He is very laid back and relaxed, as is his co-presenter, Reeves Cook.  It does make a pleasant change  when people are not bombarding me with persistent questions about the ‘bloody Highgate vampire’, but take things a little more seriously!  Della has already been on his show discussing her new Website “Hidden Highgate” on October 22nd in Episode 70, and I know she feels the same way as well.

So, back to the comparative peace of my humble existence . . . with Christmas looming upon us!For now everyone

David  (Farrant).



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