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And So It Goes On

I sometimes wish this old computer wasn’t so slow; its fine on the word processing but checking things online can sometimes be a nightmare – especially if its busy. I really am thinking of getting broadband to ‘come into the 21st’ century’ as DM would say.

Talking of ‘centuries’, there is now apparently another untrue statement being circulated around on the Internet that I was born in 1939, which would make me nearly 70! Can you image the mentality of some people who just go around blindly repeating such erroneous facts without even checking! No, I not going to tell you how old I am, but I’m certainly many, many years away from being 70! Where did this latest ‘joke’ come from? I frankly don’t know I can only imagine somebody has wrongly cross-referenced me with my artist friend (he was born around then I believe) who kindly shares so much space when you type in David Farrant on Google. What next? Is there no end to the erroneous conclusions?!

Funnily enough, one of the people circulating this on the Net, is herself well past her ‘sell by date’. She even had the audacity to call herself 28 recently. Well, she obviously intended this as a joke because you have to add at least nearly 40 years onto this! I don’t know, human nature! I’m still at a loss to understand this sometimes!

Very quiet today. Got a load more work done, but I won’t bore you with that. You’ll all be able to read it before long anyway. Thanks everyone for your private queries and encouragement about the book projects. Its easier to answer you all at once here in this respect, though of course, I will get round to answering all other communications and private queries. I DO try and keep up to date, but sometimes it is difficult with so many other things going on.

Went out briefly today and saw my Indian lady again. Must be terrible to stand there all day having to rely on money from passing people. But at least I know she is genuine which is why I always have time to speak to her.

People can be genuine and kind, and it is those sort of people that I can find time for.


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