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Enough Of This, Please

I have had to decline to publish your questions/comments Janice, sorry. But I am putting this up as a main reply as I could not allow your reply in the form you sent it.

But I feel I should at least tell you why: Janice, I really don’t want to make certain other things public. I have nothing to hide, but I feel that certain issues are just best left away from here! My private life and relationships are really my business unless I choose to share these with anybody.

My Gosh! We seem to be getting enough of this hurtful nonsense from elsewhere, and I just don’t want to fuel such allegations further when they amount to no less than ’gutter press’ comments entirely without foundation. Please understand, I am NOT evading anything; or if I seem to be, it is to deliberately to avoid such issues ‘creeping in’ here. There is enough of this obsessive, hurtful nonsense elsewhere without my sinking to that obsessive level and entertaining it here.

You have really asked me some almost impossible questions to answer. I mean, ask me anything about life, or psychic phenomena, ‘ghosts’, life’ (please not politics though!) yes; but I have to draw the line about answering allegations that you might have read on the Internet made by an embittered people who had no ‘claim’ on me in the first place, as nobody indeed has (unless I want them to).

And after all, who really cares?! I most certainly don’t! Your question, for example, to ‘name relationships’ I might have had, is really out of order here! You also strongly hint at ‘carnal relationships’ asking me to clarify these, if any. Sorry Janice, really not here! This is not the “News of the World”, for God’s sake! I can only answer you by saying, that physical attraction is indeed important, but if that is not there, then it is hardly likely that any intimate relationship could come easily. In other words, I would imagine that it would be difficult for anyone to make love to someone who they do not find physically attractive. I don’t want to sound ‘cruel’ to anyone here, but that is a fact of life.

If I have missed something, please tell me. But on second thoughts, maybe you’d better not! Just send me an email instead! Whatever, I really don’t want to discuss any personal relationships here! If I mention day to day experiences that might involve others, I do so only as part of daily experiences in life, not to in any way hurt others. And I have not done so. Well, glad you liked the article, anyway. Please don’t get me wrong, Janice, you are still welcome to post here, but please keep your comments away from allegations being made by other people.

Just let them talk to themselves on the Net; because nobody is really taking any notice of them!
And this goes for you too, Cat!



4 Responses

  1. Last try.
    You’ve deleted all 3 of my messages so far and I don’t see what the problem is. The names I mentioned are well known in your past and present.
    You could simply have edited out some of the stuff you objected to and left the rest of my post intact.
    My comments were certainly not salacious in my opinion and the questions were valid but as it’s your blog.
    If you choose not to even post this comment could you kindly answer my other questions and email me at [email protected] or I’ll be left to come up with my own conclusions.

  2. Janice, my dear girl (or lady!),
    I think the problem is, really, that you didn’t read my post properly. I’m not trying to be rude to you, I mean that. Your comments might not have been ‘salicious’ agreed, I am not suggesting that they were.
    The point is that salicious comments ARE being made elsewhere, and I just don’t want this blog to follow that route. That’s all really.
    I don’t mind if you want to ask me questions about my private life here. (Well I admit I don’t know how I would answer, but at least I wouldn’t have to delete your post.) Its a free country, and I believe in freedom of expressionand speech.
    But the difference is Janice, you are asking me to answer points by an extremely embittered person (hell hath no fury, etc) and I really have no desire to answer personal allegations of that nature.
    These remarks really speak for themselves (which is why I have just left them all there without complaint). These remarks are obsessive as you can see by their persistency and number (over 50 all mostly about myself since the middle of August) but I just don’t want to ‘feed’ this obsession here. Surely you can see that?
    Ask me anything you want about the paranormal or ghosts. Even ask me about my personal life if you want.
    But please don’t bring comments from elsewhere on the Internet (at least from that sole source) and expect me to entertain them here.
    I will email you soon, but I just don’t see any point at the moment. Or you can address me here but mark your post private and I will not release it.
    But for the moment,
    David (Farrant)

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