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Our Film Shot At Pendle

Journalist Tania Ahsan interviewing David Farrant at the Pendle Witch Camp 2012

Good and “bad” news. The good news is that our film shot at Pendle is now nearly up on Youtube in its entirety – although it has had to be put into four parts due to selective and prolonged editing. Part 4 (questions and answers session) to follow soon – as soon as the closed captions have been added where necessary on account of the incessant rainfall at Pendle Hill that weekend.

In other words, it was almost impossible to prevent the sound of the angry Pendle rain which was lashing down upon the marquee from interfering with the recording equipment.
Anyway you can see parts 1, 2 and 3 below – part 4 to follow next week.

Some other news now …

Redmond McWilliams, who has studied the Highgate Vampire Case in some detail, will be visiting me at my address this weekend to conduct a filmed interview with myself about that particular case. I am hoping that this will be quite informal, and I can give him answers to anything to anything he is unsure about. The only stipulation I will make, however, is that he restricts his questioning to myself, and my own involvement in the case, as I always make it a policy not to discuss other people without their prior consent and permission.

I understand that he has put an offer forward on his Facebook group, requesting suggestions for questions from members, to whom I extend the same privilege in that I am happy to answer any of their questions as long as these do not compromise others.

On another note, as I mentioned on this Blog not so long ago, I expressed my regret that Redmond’s friend Anthony never quite got to experience the full delights of that internationally acclaimed and celebrity endorsed event, the Brighouse “Gala” – well not my ‘celebrity’ presence, anyway.  Unfortunately, as my memory recalls, I ‘had’ to attend the opera that night so as not to fall out of favour with certain rather demanding ladies on the Hampstead circuit. However, Anthony, I do hope that you enjoyed Pendle in all its English Summer glory. We certainly felt that the trip was worth it, and resulted in some glorious visions and records of the Lancashire and Yorkshire landscapes and sites of historic interest.

A note on that – due to family issues, Della has been unable to publish her report on Low Westwood Mill, but has been in touch with quite a few locals with an interest in this who have been most helpful, and we hope to upload this soon.

So, another busy week gone, and another just beginning. Oh – and I almost forgot – please don’t forget to put forward to Redmond any suggested questions which you haven’t asked before, Anthony, in time for him to relay them to me at the weekend.

Be back soon everyone to keep you updated,


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