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[dropcap_1]H[/dropcap_1]ello everyone. I know, Sunday again, and I really do hate writing Blogs on a Sunday. After all, as it is a national ‘day of rest’, I just like to fit in with the rest of the population. I admit, I do not actually attend church as such (Della does that for me!).
Anyway, just to let you know I gave a long interview for Redmond. As I suppose some of you know, Redmond has quite a few members who wanted to know the facts about the Highgate Vampire case, in which I played a central part back in the 1970s. I agreed, because I thought it was about time I appeared on film (please note not hiding my face or hiding behind aliases) and I thought I was more or less obliged to answer some of their queries.
Anyway, Redmond turned up as scheduled just after 6pm, but the filming went so well – or rather, very thoroughly – that we didn’t finish until around 7am this morning! It was a fairly quiet affair, and quite informal. I asked Della to film it to save extraneous people being around til the early hours, and she was quite happy to do so. in fact, her filming techniques have developed quite considerably since I undertook to give an interview to Drew Hartley on Robin Hood’s grave a few weeks ago.  No ‘special effects’ here – or won’t be – because I really thought the audio, that is Redmond’s questions and my answers, was of far more importance for people with a genuine interest. It still needs quite a lot of editing, but Della has made a start! And so, we have decided to give you a short preview of the general settings of the film, but you can expect much more to come! The film has the working title “Tales of the Unexpected”, and I think you will find that that is a truly apt title!
So please keep watching this space, and as soon as the film is online we will supply a link to it here.
So, happy watching everyone!
Hope you’ll be back here tomorrow.
For the moment,

Redmond arrives … caught on security camera!
He’s a bit nervous about the interview, and has to spend a penny…
Della helps to prepare the equipment…
Aided by a much needed glass of wine!
The interview begins…


Still smiling 8 hours later!



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  1. I have released your comment, Della, as I’m sure Redmond knows you well enough by now to be otherwise offended!
    But I am keeping out of it all the same!
    David x

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