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More Work Later

Its Sunday, again, but I think I’ll avoid being too philosophical about life and religion today. Becomes a habit!

But I have been writing about this since 1982, so it should really otherwise come as nothing new!

I was tempted to phone somebody today. But I didn’t. Just in one of those lazy moods again, I suppose. Well, you can’t blame me after all the hours I’ve spent writing recently. That really does require a great deal of mental work and effort; not like here where it doesn’t matter that much what I say. In a way, that almost relaxing to be able to do that. Not having to look up endless references, then cross reference them, etc.

Having said that, what else ‘boring’ can I tell you?!

Looking around, I see the usual negativity and gross distortions are still flying about. No, I’m not going onto religion, but its almost awesome to see how many of these are made by supposedly devoted Christians! If such people only looked in the mirror sometimes while they were writing such attacks upon others, they would see that they are really talking to themselves. Ironically, nobody else is really listening. Or if they are, it is to witness such people in such a sorry plight!

It was really damp and cold yesterday, as I said, and not much better today. Still, I won’t go on about the weather, but I feel so much more relaxed when its warmer.

I see my Cat seems to have ‘slunk off’ again into the night. But its probably doing its nightly rounds in search of females! It’s a randy old thing, to be sure! Though sometimes it has the audacity to take time off and lecture me here!

What else? My ‘Babs the Witch’ statue is still in the cupboard, and if it lasts another year until next Halloween, it should consider itself lucky! I don’t really want to look at it again to have to describe it; but its got this manufactured moulded-on grey hair. Its really impossible to improve itl But I suppose you could always put some ‘Grecian 200, 000, 000 on its hair! But then again, as its only a statuette, that wouldn’t really make any difference, I suppose. Unless you actually dyed it . . . Now there’s a thought!

Back to work this evening. Just surprised how many pages I’ve done on the books so far. All good stuff though, according to some of the people I’ve given pages to, to proof-read. And then? Well I might just open another bottle of wine to help me relax! Who knows?!

But for now,


5 Responses

  1. Well what I meant was His Nibs “looked” frightening. Yes, he is wearing a ridiculous hat, but he is a rather portly man. As you are skinny and have a gamy leg, I think he would crush you were it ever to come to a fight. And he carries sharp sticks as well. But it may be that you are rather more agile and could avoid the bugger. Plus if you were to carry Babsy in your pocket as a talisman I’m certain you could just flash the statue at your oponent and “Bob’s Your Uncle”, etcetera.

  2. ‘Frightening’, Cat??!! Quite honestely, I found it absolutely hilarious! So did eveyone else that’s so far seen it.
    If only the person on the programme realised just how ridiculous he came across, demonstrating wooden stakes and the best ones to ‘stake vampires’ with!
    Thank goodness nobody takes all this rubbish seriously, eccept maybe a tiny handfull of guillible people. Well, you’d have to have a minimum of intelligence to be seen to support that sort of thing in any way!
    Anyway, that’s really their problem, not mine.
    I have certainly never allowed myself to be duped by such nonsense!
    Wonder what it will be next? “Lord please deliver us from vampires”?!?
    Gosh; the mentality!

  3. Thanks for that, you feline spirit! I have not really got a ‘gammy leg’; well, I might have, but that is only the result of the back injury. That is the only real problem, nothing else.
    The person you refer to certainly is ‘poggy’ (putting it mildly), but it would do no use to produce the statue of ‘Babs the Witch’ now. They have ‘joined forces’ in their despicable evil intents now, one really not being any better than the other – or others, perhaps I should say!
    ‘Birds of a feather’, as we say in England!
    For the moment,

  4. Can’t give you the link here Cat, because I didn’t copy it before writing. But I’ve put a couple of responses up on that YouTude ‘vampire’ extract, that might interest you.
    Just said basically that the whole ‘vampire concoction’ was one elaborate hoax – which in reality it was!
    For now,

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