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More Ghost Cases To Come

Nothing really much happened today. As I’ve said, I usually try to avoid the noise of Saturdays. Only really go out if I have to. No exception today, actually; had to walk out to get some things.

Well, part of the main section of the book is finished now. I can’t say too much about it (us author’s never do!), but it is a classic real life example of love and betrayal, ‘revenge’ arising from that betrayal and the reunification with evil, on the part of some victims who had become involved with evil Cults or personages, but had somehow not managed to break free of them.

The book portrays the dangers of such evil influences, and gives examples of them. Other than that, you’ll just have to wait and see! The book hasn’t taken long to write. I guess I have been helped by the fact that not research has been necessary. There are examples in everyday life all around you! But its not quite finished yet; There are some more contributions to add to it.

Somebody emailed earlier to ask about some other Internet postings – or rather ‘paper interest’ about this one posting. I just had to laugh as these had only really originated from one person living on Bournemouth, who must have stayed up a couple of nights and days to generate a false impression that anybody else was even bothering to look! Sad really to see the lengths some people will go to, to give false impressions. But advertising companies do this all the time in order to sell their own propaganda. The sad thing really is, when other people just can’t see through it!
I told the person who asked me, that I generally ignore such things as people are entitled to their own opinions – but only if these are genuine opinions. But I stressed that if such opinions were not genuine (ie invented by just one person purporting to represent many) that would not be genuine and in such circumstances, I would certainly do something about that if it applied to myself personally. Well, I think anybody would do, don’t you?!

One other phone call from a distant land. It was unexpected, but I was nevertheless pleased to hear from her.

Walking back down the hill today, I had to be a little careful of the wet leaves. (it was raining quite heavily yesterday), so walked extra carefully. It was very damp and semi foggy outside.

It was nice to get back in, anyway. Some tea. Then some beer to look forward to this evening! Though come to think of it, might open some wine instead, as it’s a bit too cold for beer.

I might have mentioned this, but searching through material for the book (both filed paper copies and Internet discs), I have ‘re-found’ a lot of ‘ghost cases’ that I had forgotten about – well not forgotten the cases, but just not realised I had written many of these up.

I will probably put a few of these up here as I go along, as people keep asking me for more ghost stories. The cases on disc will obviously be easier, but the paper copies will obviously have to be re-typed for posting so will take a little longer. (That ‘Dowdsman’ case from way back, for example, was all on paper and had to be re-typed – took ages!).

Anyway, more ‘ghost cases’ to come, and please do continue to comment on them if you want to.

Back to the book again soon,


5 Responses

  1. Dear David
    It’s true that beer is too cold to drink in the winter, I walked past a local pub last night and saw people standing outside drinking cold lager! I expect they were outside because of the smoking ban. I wondered what you thought of the work of people like M R James, do you ever read supernatural fiction?
    Regards Matt

  2. Hi Matt,
    No, I have never read the author in question, and to be honest, I never read anything fictional, supernatural fiction’ included!
    I am always very careful not to write fiction; especially in regard to the supernatural. Its difficult enough to write about unexplained things sometimes, without turning them into fiction!
    Regarding the ban in pubs on smoking, I personally think this is a farcial law passed by ‘out of touch’ government officials. I don’t personally think cigarette smoke harms anyone actually; at least a hundred times less than the carbon monoxide fumes from traffic.
    Do you know, the old American indians and other cultures regarded the tobacco plant as an anti-toxicant and even used it as a cure for cancer. Just strange how humans reverse things sometimes!
    Beer in winter? Not sure1 I opened a bottle of wine tonight though because I had some more work to do (helps me relax!)
    Thanks Matt, for now,

  3. David your website was down for some hours today. I don’t pretend to know how we get an internet connection here in the cat afterlife (erm, “spirit energy”?) but I can assure you “The Humid Touch” was indeed “out of touch” for a bit. Do you feel Babsy The Witch may have had anything to do with this problem? Can you at least covered her over with a metal pot to prevent any future disturbances? Miaow.

  4. It wasn’t just me cat, it was something to do with main server appearently and affected everyone.
    I was pretty occupied today anyway, so I didn’t really even notice.
    But thanks for telling me.
    That blessed statue, I know. Well everyone who’s seen it says so!

  5. Hi David,
    I am enjoying reading of the ghost stories that you are putting on the blog. Are you interested in contributions from others (namely me!) regarding other London ghosts? They would be extracts from my new book, but I wouldn’t mind sharing them as a ‘taster’ for my potential readers….

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