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A Rather Bizarre ‘Blip’

Well a slightly different post tonight!  Because I’ve already mentioned my Talk at the Pendle Witchcraft Camp on June 16th.  I say ‘slightly’ because all we have done really is to apply sub-titles to the first part of the Question and Answer session, the audio responses being somewhat drowned out by the sound of the persistent Pendle rain.

Last part will be up here next week.  Watch out for it and in the meantime enjoy.  Here is the link . . .

Also forthcoming at the weekend will be a “Coming Soon”  introduction to the film we have just made (last weekend) to our new film (working title) “Tales of the Unexpected”.  A more concise history of events surrounding the ‘vampire stories’ back in the late 1960’s /early ‘70’s at Highgate Cemetery – or more precisely to rebut the rather ridiculous stories relating to my central involvement put out on various Blogs and Forums in the recent past, this filmed interview is conducted by Redmond Mc Williams.  I mentioned this in my last Blog, but what perhaps I didn’t say was that, to our shock, Redmond turned up (last Saturday night) with a ‘secret spy camera’ which we caught him ‘loading up’ in a pen on our hidden security equipment!  We managed to ‘disable’ this (his camera) after he finally came up to the flat, and to extract the contents. But the filmed footage of the whole interview was not affected by this rather bizarre ‘blip’, and is currently undergoing editing for publication, so please do not worry!

Bit hot tonight here in north London, but Della insisted on making a Mediterranean lamb tray bake, which I am about to sample as another example of her excellent European delicacies.  I’m a bit wary now, when she serves up lobster. The last one ‘attacked’ me after I picked it up and was about to put it in the pot!

But for now I must depart, from this particular diary entry. But will be back very soon.

Yours for now,

Never trust a man who keeps pet lobsters!

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