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Beef Bourguignon Tonight – At Least It Doesnt Fight Back!

Beef bourguignon tonight - at least it doesnt fight back!

Hello again everyone. Well we’ve finally completed the introduction to the long interview I gave to Redmond on July 21st. He arrived at my home at 6pm, and we spent the entire night filming the complete interview.

It took a lot of time because obviously camera and audio conditions had to be right for the film, and of course, all his questions had to be answered thoroughly. I chose none of these questions myself: indeed, I insisted that I did not want to know any of the questions in advance. In fact, this is common procedure with myself during interviews, as I don’t like ‘working to scripts’ or want to rehearse anything I might say. And this time was no exception. We will be putting up the main body of these questions fairly soon, but first of course there is a load of editing to be done, background illustrations to be added, DVD menu to be configured etc (Della has certainly got her work cut out, I can tell you that!).

What I am trying to say, I suppose, is that this interview is to stand as a concise record of what really went on or took place during the Highgate Cemetery saga (perhaps I should say ‘vampire saga’) of the 1970s. It is to put facts forward under my own name, and I did not use this interview to spread or infer any falsehoods about some other people who are quick to assert that their knowledge or involvement in the case was the only true one. Or perhaps put more bluntly, to hide behind aliases whilst deliberately spreading untruths about their perceived enemies. It (the interview) is also intended to silence another small minority of people who, although not even being present, have gross misinterpretations of the Highgate Vampire case, which they try to assert as ‘facts’.

Anyway, you will be able to watch the film for yourselves very soon, and I hope it enables some people to make up their own minds after hearing and seeing me speak in person to ensure such a task is made easier for them.

Now, back to the film, or should I say the introductory sequences to the film before the interview proper actually begins.

For this purpose we have shown Redmond on his way to visit our highly secure flat. But unbeknownst to himself, Della was watching his arrival on high security television monitors, and we were able to film him arriving with a secretly hidden spy camera which he had concealed in a pen. Well, I ask you! Not very British is that, is it? Della was quite angry, or perhaps more accurately thought he had a ‘hell of a cheek’! I sympathised with her, but luckily due to her state of alertness, I was able to disarm the rapscallion by the ‘art of gentle persuasion’ – i.e. by making him forfeit his camera. Well, he could hardly do otherwise after having previously having told me or trying to imply it was a worthless pen which had ‘just run out of ink’.

Of course there remained the task of extracting the filming apparatus from the pen. But a friend of Della’s who works in a certain shop on Edgware Road was most obliging in this matter.
Do you know what we found!? Some people might find it hard to believe me! After his arrival at the house he had meticulously filmed his entrance and voyage into my ‘lair’ as he refers to it on the film! He even had the audacity to film the bathroom and loo on the first floor, before having a good poke around the bedroom and kitchen for good measure!

I mean, I ask you, what is so fascinating about Della’s washing up gloves. But he even filmed those! Thank goodness her smalls weren’t on the airer; but if he had had more time I am sure he would have started rummaging in her ‘drawers’ with no qualms whatsoever! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the introductory film, and as I said the interview proper will be up for your viewing very soon. May

I just say (sorry if I’m repeating this) the interview was filmed in its entirety and it is precisely in this capacity that we will present it to yourselves for the final judgment.

Well, Della will be getting in from work soon, and will no doubt want to be starting dinner. No! No lobsters tonight, thought we’d try beef bourguignon for a change as we have some 2005 Rioja knocking about which really shouldn’t go to waste. So my friends I had better abandon today’s Blog for now and go and put my feet up an await Della’s arrival (after going down to the cellar for the necessary of course!).

So I leave you all for now, but will be back very soon to bring you more of the latest goings on from the Land of Farrant and La Farrantessa.

Ciao for now folks,
David xxx (those are not for anyone else here but just for Della)


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