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Dracula Lives On …

Good news!  Have now finished off the Pendle film (of my Talk on June 16th) which is now up on YouTube.

Had to put a few more subtitles towards the end because of the sound of the rain.  But at least you can all read it now!  Hope you all enjoy the final part of the Q&A session anyway.  It can be viewed below:

On another matter, some of you may be interested to read a recently added page on my website, which can be viewed here.
Happy reading, and please note particularly the pictures taken inside – and outside – of  the ‘House of  Dracula’,  by North London’s Hornsey Journal back in December 1973.  Readers may also recall a series of pictures taken of this ‘haunted house’ by our old friend (and hooded foe) The Magister and published on various Internet Sites more recently!

So what really happened to the Mysterious Magister?

Well, more breaking news it would appear … my Internet security team informed me some days ago that the mysterious Magister may still be alive and well. That’s right! There’s still signs of life in the bonky old dog yet – so perhaps Dracula still lives on. Or at least – someone who overidentifies with this fictional character just a bit too much?  But guess what? And you’ll never believe this. It seems that the Magister has been accessing my Blog and website through the use of a proxy server – no less. I have been observing this for some time with great amusement. He has abandoned his batman mask, and is now attempting to disguise himself with an even less effective web based proxy server. It is a particularly cheap and nasty proxy server – in the vein (excuse the pun) of the freebie Blogspot blogs and Freeserve websites he utilises for his multitudinous hateblogs. And, like these, it leaves an IP trail behind it which leads, predictably, straight back to the sunny cliff tops of Southbourne. Good morning by the way, Boffinack! Logged yet again…so much for a well deserved lie-in in retirement, eh? Lying, more like… but no change there then. But why are you still using Internet Explorer 8? Surely it’s time to upgrade ‘old chum’.

I suppose it is rather flattering that the ‘Magister’ would go to such lengths to read my website and Blog – having had all of his (well circulated and known) IP addresses blocked, using a proxy server. Great must be his desire to read my every published word. Well, an unwelcome – although enthusiastic – pupil I suppose he will remain, all the while that he cannot bring himself to move away from the computer and take a well deserved walk away from his little bungalow and along the nearby cliff tops and  …

Sorry, I seem to have become lost in thought for a moment.

For now everyone,


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