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David Farrant in cooler climate © Della Farrant
David Farrant in cooler climate © Della Farrant

Really a little tired today.  Filming for a TV crew from an Eastern European state (obviously filmed in London, not in their country!) and the whole thing took a good few hours to complete.

Not that that mattered – just been finding it a bit difficult to catch up on sleep lately.  But a relaxing evening so far; nothing to do, except to share a couple of glasses of wine with Della.  She’s just had another tiring day at work apparently, although glad to be back in now.

No more filming appointments for national television for a while (thank God!), but another private one due very shortly scheduled for next week. It  involves a friend of mine from London who has agreed to interview me about the elusive Highgate ‘vampire’.  Should be fun!

Actually, that reminds me talking about Highgate Cemetery.  Before we started the main filming earlier, we went to Highgate Cemetery this morning to get some footage of myself talking by the top gate.  It was fairly deserted which is the way I prefer it.  It can be a little off-putting sometimes when some people might stop to watch the filming – which has happened on quite a few occasions in the past.  We were only there so half an hour so as had a couple of other locations to visit before finally returning to my flat to complete the filming.  Still a little hungry as we didn’t stop for lunch, but Della is not too tired to make home-made Chinese crispy aromatic duck and egg fried rice, which we will eat later.

Expecting Gareth a little later.  He’s usually here by early evening, although he did phone up to say he’d be a little late.

Well, a long and worthwhile Friday 13th (in fact always been my lucky day!) but I might leave posting this until tomorrow as its well into the 14th now.

See you all anon,


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