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Surprise Visit

Had a lovely surprise visit from K earlier today. I haven’t seen her for a week so it was nice to see her.

She only lives a short distance from me but we keep missing each other. She showed me a postcard from that trouble maker Craig and asked me if he’d sent me one. Do you know I hadn’t checked my mail for a few days so she offered to go downstairs and pick it up and sure enough, there was a lovely comical postcard from Craig.

He’s currently in Spain having a well deserved holiday and funnily enough, is staying in one of the places I stayed for a short time. Seville. Funny as I thought he’d be more the Benidorm or Ibiza type! You learn something new every day.

After a few hours of answering Karen’s questions about my trip to Spain, she suggested I share a few details here and write about some of my experiences. So if anybody is interested, here goes:
Not really that much to say really, except it reminds me of my travels in Spain some years ago.

It was in 1966 and I spent about five months there ending up in Malaga and Torremolinos, in the days when this was still only an ‘up and coming’ fishing village. The latter had not yet become commercialized (like the mini-Blackpool it has apparently become now) and many of the hotels had not even been built. There were not too many tourists – I do remember that – and the cost of living was very cheap.  Wine, for example. was only about 1 peseta a glass, and that was an old English penny.

It was a good five months and I saw most of Spain; many of the roads however all leading to nowhere; or at least, all held a fascination from the very fact you never knew exactly where you were going or what lay ahead. Accordingly, there were good times, and sad times. But all a part of the adventure I was then on, as I saw it.

Karen has asked a difficult one here; how can I possibly explain all that in a short Blog?
Its impossible! I do remember, however, having to leave Torremolinos towards the end in January 1967 in a ‘bit of a hurry’ after I got involved with people (inadvertently) I shouldn’t have got involved with, but I did hint at this in my autobiography Shadows in the Night.
If anybody is interested in more details of my time in Spain, you can read about them in Shadows in the Night.

Anyway while Karen was here, she offered to fix two of my computers that the police returned. It turns out that they weren’t broken but that the cables inside hadn’t been reconnected.
She had both computers up and running within an hour and all the information that ‘certain people’ were hoping would be gone, is now back on track to being included in my up and coming books.

Craig, if you’re reading this in a cyber café in Spain, how come you never told me there was something going on between you and Karen! Still, nice to know that I’ve played match maker without realising! (Only joking!).

Well, Karen left, but it was nice to see her again. Actually, she also took a load of copy tapes with her saying that she . . . ‘had plans for them’. I can well believe it actually.
Now there is a girl even us ‘mad witches’ would be reluctant to tangle with! And I don’t if I can all but help it!

For the moment,


4 Responses

  1. I probably will be AWOL for a while as I am going away for a well earned break–no vampires, no mad bishops, no work dickipoggy.
    My book Ladies of the Night arrived at my house today—no –its not that–its us ladies who worked as nurses on night duty–this term LADY is quite open to interpretation–the rev dod fayad said Lady a was a real LADY–well, if you look in the dictionary you will see what a real lady is—
    tata barbara

  2. Dear David
    I read the extract from ‘Dark Shadows’ where you describe trekking through France. I can quite understand your wanting to adopt that lifestyle permanently, I know I would. French or Belgian beer is excellent stuff!
    Regards Matt
    P.S I hope your foot is getting better.

  3. Hi Barbara,
    Have a good time wherever it is you’re going. Don’t blame you for wanting a break. There sure are some nutty people around!
    For the moment,

  4. Thanks Matt,
    I’m surprised that link worked actually as I messed up the paragraph spacing when putting the last Blog up, and am still waiting for Karen to fix it when she finds time.
    Yes, I did quite a bit of travelling in my younger days; probably enjoyed Spain best before a lot of the small towns and fishing villages became commercialised. Everything was so cheap there then; about 3 times less than English prices.
    Of course when many places became commercialised (such as Torremolinos) they turned into ‘mini-Blackpools’, which is not quite my scene!
    But it was not all just ‘life in the sun’. One time I ended up in a Spanish jail just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time! I didn’t mention that in the book deliberately, as there seems to be a trend recently (at least on the part of a few selected people) to misinterpret everything I say just to try and suit their own personal agendas. But enough of that!
    Yes the French beer was good and strong; so was some of the table wine.
    Thanks for asking about my foot. It will never get entirely better but at least all the swellng gone down now and most of the immediate pain has gone.
    I really did have to do some self-healing in the end, and pleased to say it was successful.
    Believe I said Craig is in Spain at the moment. God only knows what he is getting up to!
    For the moment,

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