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I Really Wish . . .

Well, its all quiet now (quite literally) and the night has just crept into Sunday. Oh dear!

Was trying to avoid Sundays to write on – or in – as I always appear to upset somebody, somewhere. Maybe because Sundays are usually so quiet as well, and there is nothing really to say; that is ‘newsworthy’, at least.

Seriously, nothing much really happens on a Sunday; there is no post; most offices are closed for the weekend; phone calls are few and far between, and the populace in general, seems to have mostly ‘gone to sleep’. Nothing wrong with that, but it just makes it a little more difficult to write anything interesting. Most people are just relaxing, while a very few percentage might attend Church; which is also a form of ‘relaxation’ (for some) in a way I suppose.

Not knocking that. Personally I wish more people would attend Church – any Churches – its just rather sad to see the odd few that go with the wrong motivations. By that I mean, attend a particular Church (and I really do mean ANY Church, of any particular religious denomination) with the sole motivation of merely going because it may be seen to be ‘right’ – to make an impression in other words – not to actually come into contact with the Divine Principle which motivated the building of most places of worship in the first place.

They were originally built as ’sanctuaries’ were they not? Places where people had the opportunity to come into contact with that Infinite Principle – or ’God’.
There is nothing wrong with that. Indeed, I wish more people would go. I really wish more people would open up their hearts to that Infinite Principle whether inside a particular Church, or outside it. That can only be a good thing surely? That has certainly been the underlying message in most of my writings, and it still remains the same.

In other words, to come into contact with the Infinite Life Force that bought us all into existence. Because if it were not for that, good people, none of us would be here!

For the moment,


4 Responses

  1. That depends on whether you’re buying it or not!
    If you were, I’d probably stay with Special Brew as its about the strongest you can get.
    Tell a lie! It wasn’t stronger than mine when I used to make it. I remember my pet rabbit drank some by accident once, and I couldn’t wake the poor thing up for about an hour. Didn’t do her any harm, except she just ‘crashed out’ on the settee!

  2. If I am allowed to materialize in your neighbourhood again someday, we’ll have to quaff a few. I’ll take mine in a saucer of course.

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