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David Farrant

’till Tororrow

Sorry, been a bit lazy again. And it is Sunday – or was!

No. I can’t be bothered with ‘religious posts’ today. To be honest, every day is just the same as every other to me, so I can only treat them as such. I think its only people who give days importance; I’m sure God doesn’t!

Having said that, I’ve just realised, there’s another Bank holiday tomorrow. Gosh! Will they never end?! You think you’re free of them, and another one comes up! What news then? Well nothing really. I just learned though that yet another book has come out on the Highgate case, which includes a couple of pages on the alleged ’vampire’. Its by Jennifer Westwood and Jacqueline Simpson and titled the ”Penguin Book of Ghosts”. They are the same authors that wrote “Lore of the Land” recently – a book that received excellent reviews.

Me? Well I haven’t had a lot to do recently. Foot is a lot better, I’m sure you will all be pleased to know! (With the exception of a few maybe, still trying to put ‘mental curses’ on me – God bless them or forgive them as the case may be!) So, everything is really quiet apart from that. Received a call from K. earlier saying I must keep up to date on the Blog – which is exactly what I am now doing! Think I pose a bit of ‘a handful’ to her sometimes! But she means well, which is why I’m now writing at about 6 am in the morning.

Which reminds me, I haven’t been to sleep yet. So better try and get a couple of hours!

So for the moment, David


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  1. I note Hoggy’s swinish squealings on the Ecker Forum regarding ME: “You guys obviously know each other…he’s a regular commentator on your blog, The Human Touch.”
    So I’m a “regular commentator”!? Hurrah! I’ve arrived! I demand my photo be included in the page “banner” with David’s. And perhaps add the headline: “FEATURING EXCLUSIVE COMMENTARY BY JOHN BALDRY’S CAT”……

  2. Its bad enough having to look at that demented avatar over ‘there’, without putting it here as well!!

  3. You’re so “anti-cat”…you’d best behave or I’ll grass you up to the RSPCA!

  4. I think a bit of sleep would do you the world of good and make you feel much better. Sweet dreams…

  5. Well, nice to have a ‘double’, I see.
    Especially as you’ve seen fit to come to my own Blog! I am truly flattered!
    David Farrant (the original one!).

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