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Sunday Yet Again

The dawn cometh ...

I really am a little tired tonight (this morning!) didn’t really intend to do a Blog.

But I’ve just finished a load of other writing, so suppose I can try.  So what’s news?  Well nothing really, Sundays are usually very quiet and nothing much happens.  Which reminds me, its Sunday again, a day I have made quite plain in the past I don’t really like.

I always used to write something about religion on a Sunday, but quickly found out that can upset  some people who have their own set ideas.  I didn’t really mind that so much (the ‘attacks’ from entrenched religious bigots and the like) because what I was saying, was only to point out cases of religious hypocrisy; really when some people only use religion = or ‘God’ – to serve their own ends or desires  whilst completely lacking any real understanding of the religious Principles they claim to follow or adhere to.  You know the sort of thing  . . .  Going to Church to ‘ask God’ for some sort of personal favours, whilst at the same time, maybe praying for the damnation of somebody else’s soul. And then leaving God firmly locked up inside the Church until the following Sunday.

That’s not true religion to myself, folks.  Its along the lines of . . . “God, go out before me and destroy my enemies, but save my friends and don’t let them suffer”. Well, that’s the same thing,  and believe me it happens.  It happened to myself, which is maybe what ‘brought it home’ and displayed the hypocrisy involved in all of it.

But it upset certain people.  Albeit those with a conscience – but it nevertheless upset some people. And it led to my own Karen ‘telling me off’!  She said I was ‘cutting too deep’ when there was no need to because God Himself could see through such transparent hyporcrisy, and didn’t need any help from myself!  She was right, of course!  Bless her!  But now I see I’ve gone and done it again so I’d better change the subject!  Sorry K!

I’m still tired.  Not really surprising with all that writing.  In fact, I’ve been very good and only had two cans of beer since 6 pm.  Honestly! And its now well past 2.

Well, I may be tired, but I think I open a bottle of wine now and have a couple of glasses.  I deserve it, and it will help me sleep better!

For now,


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  1. I must agree that 2 cans of beer followed by a bottle of wine can make any Sunday more enjoyable.

  2. What’s everybody doing for Halloween? Barbara, are you dressing up as the madame of a knock shop? Craig, have you got your Lord Byron kit ready? David, I assume you will be parading about wearing plastic fangs?

    1. I’d better leave Craig and Barbara to answer for themselves, Cat.
      Me? Well, I have been invited to another local party, but as I’ve been told an old ex-girlfried of mine will be there, I’ll probably give that a miss.
      As for the fancy dress uniforms and ‘plastic fangs’, I think I can safely leave it to other bonky people to provide that sort of entertainment! But I might well make my special’witches receipe’ for mulled wine. Last time I remember I did that, think it reached about 85% proof! But only for a few private friends you understand.
      I expect you’ll be sticking to beer though Cat? – now its been firmly established that cats do, indeed,drink beer!
      For now,

  3. i fancy wearing a girls frock, sticking a tea cosy on my head and pretending that i own a church whilst asking a slag if she’ll marry me.
    but enuf of my mental health problems.
    i think i’ll go as david farrant this year.
    thats sure to scare the shit out of most people.
    what about u cat? dressing up as a dog this year? and i dont mean the fugly one.

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