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“Don’t Do It”!

Hi everyone.  I know, I’m getting slow again!  But at least I left you some pictures to look at last time.

Did another interview:  this time for “Righteous Indignation”, a radio Podcast on the “Bad Psychics” Forum.  Somebody was here who I showed their initial invitation to, and she nearly had a heart attack!  “Do you know who they are?”, she gasped.  “No”, I replied truthfully.  “They expose fraudulent mediums and psychics”.
“Well, I’ve got nothing to worry about because I’m not a medium or a ‘psychic’ – I’m a psychic investigator”, I said laughingly.  “Its not funny”, she said seriously,  they just don’t believe in vampires or ghosts”.  “Well I don’t believe in them either.  Certainly not vampires or ‘ghosts’ – in the conventional sense of the word at least!”.  “All I can say is . . .’just don’t do it’.  But knowing you, you  probably will anyway!

Women can be funny and worry for nothing sometimes, but just to console her, we both looked at the site. She was right!  And not just half right, at that!
“Look”, I said to her, “If I could last nearly 8 months on the James Randi site without being ‘exposed’’ I hardly likely to be worried about one telephone call.
Well guess what happened everyone!?  I learned on the programme that the bonky one had been invited on, but he quickly refused to do it after he learned I’d been invited.  (Coward!).  But like some spoilt child having a tantrum, he sent them he usual cut n’ pasted rubbish that he persistently circulates around the Internet and elsewhere.

I was read one of the ‘bonky one’s’ paragraphs On Air and asked about it.  So I told them, and read them a couple of extracts from a certain self-published book dating back to 1985 and how vampires could be ‘staked through the heart’ and turn into ‘giant spiders’!.  You could hear all the disbelief and laughter.  Though whether they’ll edit the laughter out of the finished thing, I just don’t know. Well, I was just answering their questions (there were three presenters) so the ‘bonky one’ really can’t complain!  Its as I’ve said on many occasions before folks . . . ‘People in glass Churches just shouldn’t throw stones’!

Thought that might amuse you all folks! Now, onto more serious things:

I have had some more news about an American production – rather live television thing –  who want to interview myself.  The catch was . . . in New York itself.  ‘No way’ I told them,  how did they expect me to get there? They replied that they were under the impression that I visited the States ‘quite often’.

Now, I don’t know who told them that . . . but its simply not true. Anyway, then they offered to pay my plane fair, taxi and hotel expenses to the New York Studio – on top of quite a hefty fee.
I told them I just couldn’t do that, but I’d consider doing a TV link from a London Studio. Waiting to hear.  Nice to be popular, I suppose!

Well, everyone, that’s about it.  I’ll sort another picture here for next time.  But at the moment, it’ll have to be ‘pictureless’!

Craig,  I’m still waiting for that new Banner here!

For the moment,


14 Responses

  1. mate are u mad!
    get urself over to NY!
    free trip!
    …or better still, pass it on to MEEEE
    whens the RI podcast going to be available?
    Craig Sinatra

    1. I am not mad! Why? if I can do it from London without having to travel thousnads of miles! And still get paid for it!
      Its what’s called doing it the easy way.
      I know why you’d want to go, anyway. Just thinking of the free booze!
      I’ll send you a link to the programme later which is up now.

  2. Oh why not take a free trip? New York is safe as houses. But tell them you need Craig along as a body guard. You can have him shave his head and gear up in a black suit like Jason Stratham in The Transporter.

    1. If Craig cut off any more hair Cat, he’d lose his image as a ‘Punk Rocker’! But seriously, you’ve no idea of the disruption he’d cause if let loose in New York bars. Not to mention the disruption in private hotels when he’d only be after the chambermaids.
      Just think of the damage that could do to my reputation in the USA!
      Anyway, Cat, I ain’t going. They’ll just have to film me in London if they want – Craig or no Craig! He’s not in my ‘good books’ at the moment, as he still hasn’t finished the Banner!

  3. didnt take that moron sean long to make an arsehole out of himself on righteous indignations message board or that druggie carol.
    how many boards have they been banned or bollocked from now?
    the podcast comes across really well mate.
    nice one.

    1. Not long at all Craig! But he’s so predictable, you can see it coming before it happens. Thanks for the compliment but . . . where’s my new Banner??!! The present one has already been criticised by Cat. I think the feline maggy actually misses it, so make the next one GOOD!!
      For now,

  4. Hi David
    Thanks for agreeing to do the interview. It was a pleasure to have you on. I have a strong feeling that some stuff about giant spiders may make it into a bonus episode of the show at some point in the not too distant future!!!!

  5. Craig, old bean. Try not to add comments so libelous that they open the door for a certain bishop to get the Cat’s Miaow shut down.
    And get to work on that banner, eh?

  6. Thanks Trystan,
    I enjoyed doing it. One reason was, I much prefer to relax in a chair when doing an interview without having to travel anywhere. I wish I could do them all from home – much easier!
    As I just said on your message Board, I would be happy to come on your show again at some future date.
    I only mentioned the ‘giant spider’ thing at all because its supposed to be part of the finale of that vampire story. It certainly amuses people, even in its book form.
    I should have said this at the beginning of course, but welcome to my Blog. You are always welcome to post if you want to.
    For the moment,

  7. I have to agree Cat. I would delete that line. Even though it might be true, certain people will complain about anything!
    So just delete it, and I will speak to Craig about it.
    For the moment
    PS Where’s Carol run off to?! I offered to give her a lock of my hair for analysis, and she’s just ‘gone’. (But better not speak too soon!)

    1. Sorry Craig,
      I think I deleted another of your comments by mistake to Cat. This was not deliberate but because it was mixed up in a load of Spam. I realised it was a genuine reply, but I couldn’t get it back. Please send your reply again, and I’ll make sure it isn’t deleted again,
      Sorry too Cat, his reply was mixed up in load of Spam!

  8. how about ur a bit more careful in future?
    how many times is that now??
    anyway, what i said was that i didnt think i’d named the old bag in full, just her first name which should be okay.
    if not, i shall refer to her as “slag” from now on and him as “pimp”.
    Craig “Pimpin’ Aint Easy” Byron

  9. Hi Flossie,
    Don’t think I don’t want to go to New York Flossie (and I haven’t heard anymore yet incidentally) as I will always face any challenge in my line of work as an author. My attitude has always been that if you write about a controversial subject such as belief in God (indeed, the existence of God) and the paranormal. you should be prepared to back up what you say, and , when, necessary, do this ‘face to face’ with people. I have always done this where possible.
    But I am just being realistic here. Just to remind people, I badly ‘smashed’ my back in 2002 after a nasty fall, which has damaged the nerves that affect walking. I’m OK if I take things slowly, but that sort of trip would not allow that.
    No. I would love to face a live audience. Its always better if you can look at people directly when answering questions.
    But being realistic, my body say’s ‘no’! The money would be nice, but I always give that secondary consideration. But hopefully that whole thing can still come off as I suggested: doing it from a studio in London.
    Anyway, I’ll tell everybody what happens – or after it happens as the case may be!
    For the moment though

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