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What A Day!

What a day! My energy has really been expended. But I’m just relaxing now (or trying to) so just thought I could jot down one or two or the day’s events.

Well, was supposed to be up at 9 to go somewhere, but didn’t quite make that because of the cold. No matter, as I just went later. But that was pushing it, as I was expecting a small film crew about 3, and I do hate rushing! They had been before, but just wanted some additional takes to insert in the film. That was no problem; but as usual there was all the tome taken up arranging camera’s and lights. The actual filming took the best part of an hour, and I had left too late to shave. Ah well! I only always just want to be myself. (See! No vanity there).

Then 5.30 came, and I realised no food or beer or food (or rather beer and food) in the fridge. So I had to go out in the cold to get some. As a matter of fact, I bought a bottle of whiskey instead, not relishing beer in the cold temperature.

Then, a ’surprise visit’ around 6.30 – just as I was about to open the whiskey. That didn’t please me so much either, but at least they gave the ’code ring’ so I knew who it was. It was Craig and Mark again who apologised for the surprise visit but said they had just been passing mainly…  We talked for a while and drank tea (that’s right, I’d put the whiskey away!) and I learned Mark had become very interested in the Highgate case from the 1970s. He works for IT as well – surprise, surprise!

I answered a few questions then gave him a copy of “Beyond the Highgate Vampire” and “The Vampyre Syndrome”. He insisted that he pay for these, but I just refused. (I make enough money from bookshops and wholesalers without ‘being mean’ with people I meet personally who have taken a genuine interest in the case). I also gave Craig a couple of old magazines I’d found again after clearing out the back room. One was issue 2 of “Suspended in Dusk” – that ‘brainchild series’ edited by KD and his wife back in 1998. (With contributions by myself in it, obviously!).

Well, I was n the kitchen for some reason and I heard them both laughing aloud. Back in the front room, I learned they’d both been reading one of the middle page articles, “The Amazing Adventures of Sean’s Big Head”. They thought it was a classic! So did I really, once I came to recall it.

Then they persuaded me on a drive to the Woodman pub, only a quarter of a mile away or so in fact. I was really pretty exhausted by this tine, but as there was a car, I agreed to go. Well, it turned out that lasted longer than ‘15 minutes’, and I haven’t been in long after being dropped off.

So, I just thought to scribble these thoughts down for you, as I don’t want to be accused of ‘slacking’ on my own Blog! But I really do have to stop now. 9 am and I have to be up for something else, and that really is important!

For the moment though,


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  1. Lately this blog is all about beer, whisky, getting pissed, stumbling round the flat, paffing fags, sleeping, etc.
    Where has the actual CONTENT gone?

  2. I’m glad you said that in a way, you obstreperous mangy stray!
    Look, I’ve only been basically writing a diary of events – I thought that’s what Blogs are supposed to be all about.
    But if you think I’ve got off the subject; then why don’t you just tell me what you think the ‘subject matter’ should be. Even ask me a question about it.
    I’ll probably regret saying that, but you’re welcome to if you want. PROVIDING its not questions about tea pot-clad ‘clergymen’, or their followers from West Yorkshire!
    THEN, you will be answered!
    So, over to you!

  3. Well, Cat. I asked for that! but I invited another question, so I’ll answer.
    The ‘prison thing’, you refer to dates back to 1974; so please lets be clear about that; it is ancient history (38 years old to be precise) and not a recent occurrence. Some people (like yourself!) sometimes try and ‘bring it into the present’, but I’m afraid it is really buried in the mists of antiquity.
    It would really take too much time to go into all that here, but essentially, I served 2 years 8 months in prison for two main offences i.e. two alleged ‘witchcraft offences’ in Highgate Cemetery (which I did not in fact commit) and ‘threatening two police detectives’ (by sending them ‘voodoo dolls’).
    You asked if this prison sentence ‘changed my life’ – or words to that effect.
    No, it did not. It neither changed me, or ‘my life’. It certainly inconvenienced me, admittedly, but it did not change me, or my outlook.
    Why? Before you ask.
    Because I had done nothing wrong. I had not committed those two offences at Highgate Cemetery (which were said to involve ‘witchcraft’, but in reality only concerned damage committed by vandals), and while I admitted the two voodoo effigies to the police (indeed, I could hardly deny it as I signed these and sent them by Recorded Delivery), I stated I had done so only because the two police officers concerned had used violence towards a then associate of mine.
    Whilst in prison, I made continuous attempts to prove my innocence. These were all suppressed by the Home Office but I later took my case to the European Commission of Human Rights – and won.
    Towards the end of my sentence (in 1976) I actually went on hunger strike in protest at the way I had been wrongly convicted. I ate nothing for seven months, when they then released me on parole (probably because they did not want me ‘dying on them’). I would not have given in; and I’m sure everyone knew it.
    So, that’s the basic answer to that. Except to say that all these facts are on file, and can be checked by anyone so interested.
    For the moment,

  4. OK….well…a “rumour” I have heard bandied about (and you can guess from whereabouts these types of rumours originate!) is that, indeed, in 1974 while incarcerated, you were placed in a cell with convicted axe murderers, serial killers, etc. and “went mad” as a result.
    And I shall add a miaow of appreciation for your honest and forthcoming answer.

  5. I know exactly where such rumours originate Cat, and who is spreading them Most people do, which in turn, makes them even more unbelievable.
    The one about me ‘going mad’ after being confined in a cell with a ‘serial killer, and an ‘axe murderer’, for example, shows much more about the sick state of mind of the person spreading the rumour than it ever does about me.
    The ‘axe murderer’ statement was, in fact, part of an article (about still practicing witchcraft even whilst in prison) from a Sunday newspaper published in 1975. The ‘serial killer’ and ‘going mad’ bits are just malicious additions added by the (most unholy) person spreading the rumour.
    Do you want the actual truth?
    I was indeed put into a cell with an axe murderer for a time – a Jamaican who was serving life because he had killed his wife with an axe because he thought she was a witch. (This is absolutely true by the way and is all on record).
    There was another prisoner in the cell (not a serial killer) who was interested in spiritualism and the occult and we began to hold a series of séances on a make-shift ouija board. Word of this ‘leaked out’ and a newspapers picked it up.
    The point is though, that these séances terrified the axe murderer so much that he asked to be mover to another cell. He was.
    That is the true version – not the twisted one!
    I hope you’re not going to stay on this ‘prison thing’ Cat. Its something I would rather not remember.

  6. Now see? Isn’t this much more interesting than “went to the store, bought beer, smoked a fag, ate a pastie” etc. ?

  7. FOR CAT
    I suppose that depends most on who finds it interesting. Granted, it may be to some, but remember we are talking about an event from 33 years ago! I am only really interested in the active present, and life as it is now.
    Still, this is your Blog as much as mine Cat (at least the comments and opinions are).
    So ask away if you want.
    Only please try and avoid people living immediately North of the Humber,
    and steeraway from people living in converted bungalows in the Bournemouth area!
    Apart from that, ask away!!

  8. hi david
    thanks a lot for letting us come round at such short notice lol.
    mark had a good time and is still banging on about ur scrapbooks.
    next time we’ll take some pix of u in the woodsman,
    have u got any pics of u in there from the old dasys?
    p.s if an axe murderer didnt want to share the same cell as u then that must be some serious magic!!!!

  9. Yes, Craig, I have actually – from “The Woodman” and “The Prince of Wales” (dating back to the late sixties and early 1970’s).
    Obviously, you can’t ‘go back in time’, but if you want to photograph me in the Woodman, I don’t see any harm in it.
    As long as its a quiet period, and I’m not made the centre of attention!
    And on condition you bring Laura next time! I’d really like to meet this beautiful lady (or as you so described her!).
    Email me (but not this week please) and we can arrange something.
    For now,

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