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Such A Busy Week

Such a busy week coming up!  Day off tomorrow (well today), but then meetings Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday and then Wednesday of next week.

All important ones so not possible to put any of them off.  All pre-arranged,  so to speak.

I don’t mind those meetings, but I am being ‘somewhat hassled’ elsewhere.  It happens all the time really, but now some crazy American lady has joined in and wants to meet me.  She says she is coming to London early next year, and she wants to meet. me.  I promised her (rather challenged her)  that she could have a lock of my hair, as she’s got some ‘bonky assumption’ in her head that my hair is really grey!  I told her it was really light brown, but she wasn’t having it!

But she said she was coming to London early next year, so I offered to meet her and give her a lock for analysis as it would prove who was telling the truth.
And it will!  The only thing that slightly worries me is the real intentions of some ‘crazy females’ – especially when I learn they have been in contact with the ‘bonky individual’!  I do love women in general, but not when they might have been in contact with ‘him’ (as she admitted).

You know, if it isn’t the ‘Yorkshire Puddings’ of this world,  its now coming from the USA! Why can’t some women just leave me alone?! I said I loved women – but not necessarily all of them!

For the moment,


4 Responses

    1. Thanks Cat,
      I can always rely on you to make me feel better!
      I’ve got to meet her now ’cause I’ve given her my word. So let’s just hope I don’t end up like John Lennon!
      I’m well aware that there are a lot of bonky people ‘out there’ Cat; but that’s just something I have to live with having a fairly high profile.
      And don’t start doing any cartoons about it! It could only make her worse . . . if that’s possible!

  1. Hi David
    ive just returned from a short break away only to find that your offering locks of your hair to a strange female! you have never given me a lock of your hair,are you trying to make me jealous? have you promised her anything else apart from your hair?
    Well now im back i,ll be coming to see you very soon so make sure the heatings on because ive bought a new outfit which i intend to wear but its a bit revealing !
    see you soon xxxxxxxxx
    p.s. i,ll also be bringing my scissors!

    1. There is absolutely no need to be jealous, Speedqueen. Its not like that. In fact, its not really like anything I’ve ever known! Cat’s making it worse by trying to ‘scare me off’, but its too late, I’ve given my word now.
      But don’t worry, she’s not coming here. It will be in public. Unless she see’s the futility of it before then. And I very much hope she will!
      Yes, see you soon,

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