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Cat’s Work – Not Mine!

Cat's Work!

Would you believe what that blasted Cat has done now?!

Well I’ve only just seen this (and that’s only because somebody just reminded me), but the mangy feline animal has doctored the cover of my book “Dark Secrets” [see photo above] and posted it all over the Net (or people have copied Cat’s original and posted it all over the Internet}.

I don’t have a copy to post up at the moment for comparison, but he’s somehow managed to make it look as if I’m smoking a cigarette and added dark glasses and a whisky bottle!
With friends like Cat, you don’t really need enemies!

I thought the bonky one was bad enough at doing that sort of thing,  but the ‘heavenly feline’ really has surpassed himself this time. What are you trying to do Cat?  Get me a bad reputation?!  Or make the one I’ve already got even worse?! Your only saving grace is, I happen to have some sense of humour.  But I am tempted to catch a tame (rather ‘tamish’) fox that I feed in the garden and  SET IT ON YOU!!

Oh, but I’ve forgotten you’re dead now, so that wouldn’t work, would it?!

But I will be avenged . . . somehow!


9 Responses

  1. a cat cant really do things like that david, silly, its one of your friends pretending to be a cat, i can think of a few names–dm for one, and i know he thinks he’s very witty but daft might be a better description.

  2. “a cat cant really do things like that david”
    …if u can promote jp as being a direct descendant of robin hood without a single shred or realistic evidence; if u believed manchester was a real vampire hunting bishop until he turned on u; if u can believe all that rubbish about a ghostly wraith at kirklees then surely u can stretch ur reasoning a little further about cat barbara?

  3. Nonsense Barbara. I am too a cat. It can’t be proven that I’m NOT a cat. And Robin’s spirit haunts Kirklees. Why don’t you believe? You’re so materialistic. As for that book cover, yes I did it, but it must have been months ago that I posted it on my blog. Why David is just noticing it now beats me.

  4. no ,a person is calling himself john baldry’s cat and writing these things i assure you boys, not a cat, cats cant type or speak english, just because i once believed in santa claus doesnt make it possible for a cat to make these posts, there is a person doing it,

  5. Pish tosh, sez I. Just because you never SAW a cat than can type and speak english, that does not mean that a cat that can type and speak english does not exist. Quantum entanglement. Particle physics. Galileo. Anything is possible, Barbara, if you just open your mind.

  6. if you are really a cat prove it, maybe the rspca would be interested or the news of the world—-cat uses computer–everyone knows it is a ‘joke’ of course ,they are just going along with the joke, though i have never found you that funny–ie amusing, rather more corny,

  7. Why can’t a dead cat communicate with the living from behind the veil of the spirit world? Even David admits I have effectively “haunted” him.
    l must say, Barb, your open mindedness about the paranormal has suddenly vanished. All because I made a silly joke about your Halloween costume. Never again!

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