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My new book “David Farrant – Out of the Shadows” has now been printed.  This means I will be able to meet all outstanding orders in about a week.

But I will put up an exact date here when orders are to be posted so people can expect their copies.  Please note, I do not mind posting any books by RD at no extra cost.  In fact, I would prefer to do this (75P or so is really nothing), but sometimes I realise this is inconvenient if people are working or have to collect them from the Post Office.  Just let me know anyway as I really don’t mind.

I had to go out today (to do with the book in fact) and found a large hand-delivered envelope waiting for me upon my return.  It was from my friend Kev with a separate accompanying letter.  Kev is back in England from Spain for a couple of weeks where he has just signed a two year contract to train athletes.  He tells me it is a ‘dream job’ with accommodation and food thrown in, with the chance to visit London regularly inbetween the work schedules.  They have given him a Company flat not far from where I live, but a lot of the non-physical training stuff he can do from home, I gather.  Anyway, he’s happy with the deal, even though the average temperature there is 35C at the moment.  Rather him than me!  I mean I love the heat, but can you imagine running in that weather?!

Anyway, his letter instructed me NOT to open the package until the 15th (tomorrow) and the only clue was . . . “Plenty more where that came from!”

Well, I wouldn’t anyway, but I can’t help being very intrigued.  There appears to be some CD inside, so maybe – just maybe – it was those ‘secret emails’ and letters he said he had for me!  I really don’t know now; and even when I see the contents, does not necessarily mean it is a ‘Carte Blanche’ for their public release.

But we will see.  I will at least give you the conclusion tomorrow.  That is a promise – no delays on this one!

On another matter: thanks to all of you who have complimented the new banner here.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t do it, although I did ask a friend of mine to do so.  If its made the Blog slightly bigger you’ll just have to put up with it for the moment!  Its all still there and readable anyway.

Anyway, had a slightly busy day today.  So forgive me if I sign off for now.  For the moment . . .


PS  My new book has now been listed on Amazon


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