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That Package

Well, today is not my birthday but I certainly enjoyed opening Kev’s present!

The package contained essential research material dating back many years, including b/w and colour photographs, written correspondence and a selection of personal emails which had been copied onto disc for me.  There was also a typed summary of some fairly recent ‘birthday speeches’, or more precisely, suggestions from the host on what should be ‘done about David Farrant’.  He (the party host) hadn’t liked my disclosures about fake religious groups and other written material in my published books that debunked a serious belief in vampirism.

“He lives alone”, he had earlier written to Kev, and given him my private address and telephone number!

I was also given a detailed description of the ‘Church Retreat’, and how one room was over-flowing with Nazi paraphernalia.

There was much, much more, not least how the host had once boasted to Kev about having fraudulently put people’s names on a far Right message Forum (nice people!).

And there was confirmation that invented aliases were habitually used to slur ‘perceived enemies’ of the ‘Church’ in question, even to the extent of carefully writing these down on a list so they were not inadvertently used for the wrong person.  Of course, most people already know this (the latter) anyway, but it was refreshing to receive some ‘inside’ confirmation.

I believe Kev will be returning to Spain later in August, but he will be coming over with Bev before that as they would like to meet a couple of other people.  Apart from this, I have promised him an advanced copy of my new book, and it would make sense to just hand this to him in person.

That should set most of the record straight on its own merit, but it is always good to have evidence of the full inside story!

On a final note, please be patient about the new banner here!  It will be reduced soon and hopefully that will reduce the ‘pixelization’ (have I spelt that right!?).

Anyway, for the moment everyone,



11 Responses

  1. “…and how one room was over-flowing with Nazi paraphernalia.”
    didn’t i tell you last year that my mates old man saw Mannie in what looked like a nazi coat with the badges pulled off? i knew it.
    dirty old hitler worshiping scum.
    can’t wait to see what comes of all thse emails and pictures mate. top stuff!!!
    ps. Happy birthday Mannie!!!

  2. haha mannie mentioned me in his blog while bitching about this one. funny that he changed the blog from its original version though. no longer ‘predictable’ is it mate?
    mandy, why dont you add the biyt where i found your (veritas’) review of some wagner dvd on Amazon where you said it was a shame the hitler bit had been removed from the dvd. no sooner did i tell u via email than u removed it!
    and yes, i have copies of before and after u predictable troll.
    Lord Craig of Byron

  3. Hi Craig
    Nice to see you back! Where did you disappear to again? Boozing it up with some European women, I suppose, but that aside (but not for a change!) I am glad you saw fit to join in our ‘Happy Birthday’ greetings! But it IS all true Craig as you suspected , but all will be revealed in the fullness of time. But please don’t pester me for ‘sneak previews’ as I am still in the process of digesting this information myself for publication. Us authors are naturally very guarded about giving away exclusive information, but I can assure you that when this is released, it will really blow the teapot cosy off the teapot!

  4. nice one david.
    why does mandy keep calling Kev and Bev judas i wonder?
    just because they realised he was an utter mental case and not worth the time?
    i bet it rreally stings him to know that eventually everyony finds out the truth about him.
    i wonder what the neighbours would say if they knew….
    Lord Craig of Byron

  5. Hi, I notice Herr Manny’s done his usual cut edit and paste routine on his blog to make himself look better. I’ve detailed his alterations in my blog (shameless plug there)
    What an idiot, does he really think people believe his crap. The mind boggles.
    Anyhow, see you in a couple of weeks

  6. Because quite frankly, Anthony, you have nothing constructive to say. You are like an old gramaphone record that has somehow got itself stuck in the middle. Quite apart from that, nobody wants you here!
    So goodbye. And please close the door on your way out!
    David Farrant

  7. Is that what this is? Having something constructive to say? I think you misinterpret me, David. By asking you questions about stuff, you can actually obtain some form of validation from it, i.e. proving stuff you say, which folk like Kev have done. Dodging it and getting all testy actually makes you look suss. For instance, the Victorian era stuff. If you could provide a source, you’d actually *validate* your claim, wouldn’t you? Think about it and stress less.

  8. You’re the one who seems to be getting stressed Anthony, I’m not in the least! No need to be – I have nothing to be stressed about! You seem to have over-looked when Kev and his wife approached me in 1996, they knew next to nothing about the Highgate case and he wanted to write a thorough book on it (which he eventually did in 2002). To this end, we spent years working together, and I gave him numerous source material which he said he had simply not seen before and which was simply not on public record. He used much of my material in “Suspended in Dusk” which I approved beforehand. He was (still is) and excellent writer and much more objective and diligent in his research than you could ever hope to be! As well as this, I gave him many recorded interviews on the case, and also personally introduced him to people whom he also interviewed independently. Like any good researcher, he gave me copies of these tapes as we went along (including interviews with JP, Rob, Kenny and others). Something else you obviously didn’t know!
    David Farrant

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